New Google Buzz: Visible in Gmail buzz

The whole internet world is Buzzing! Yes, only now with the new Google application called Google Buzz. Just a simple word BUZZ is definitely going to buzz all your contacts and friends with all your latest updates, videos, and photos on Google buzz. It is customized so as to provide all these features in the main Gmail mailbox.

In Google buzz, you need not open another window to view these files and the comments received from friends will be delivered directly to your inbox, to which you can reply through the same emails. Isn’t Google buzz cool?

We all love to share our best and worst moments in life with our friends. This is what social networking is all about – sharing. Google Buzz enhances this sharing experience by incorporating all forms of sharing from videos, photos, and messages to voice chats and much more, all in one simple Application.

If you are too concerned about your online privacy in Google buzz then this application can also provide you with private sharing. The public sharing option in Google buzz enables you to share your updates with everyone. These updates will even be shown in your online public profile as well. But then you have an option of whether or not to share it with the whole world.


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