PDF Drive: Top 75 Alternatives to PDFdrive in 2022

You may look for, preview, and download PDF files using PDF Drive, a free online PDF search engine. Over 75 million eBooks, periodicals, articles, and other materials, according to the website, are now indexed and searchable directly on PDF Drive.

Given that PDF Drive offers content on a variety of subjects, including Business & Career, Art, Environment, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Biography, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. There is so much variety that you are guaranteed to find something. Editor’s Pick and Most Popular are just two examples of categories that may help you find anything if you simply want to browse without searching for anything in particular.

Utilizing PDF Drive is really easy. By entering a search term or by browsing and scrolling through the categories, you may instantly find anything. When you click on a book you want to read, PDF Drive will give you three choices:

  • The site’s basic pop-up viewing experience lets you preview the eBook. When in preview mode, use the Go to distant file option to go to the website where the PDF was first published.
  • Download the file to your PC to save it. You may then instantly open the file on your computer and examine it using your chosen PDF reader.
  • You may also click to see further options, such as forwarding the PDF through email, sending it to Kindle, or reporting the file, or you can convert the PDF to EPUB, XLS, or MOBI.

How to View Content on Pdfdrive.Com?

This site is quite easy to use, and there are just three main controls to take into account while navigating PDFDrive.com.


This button’s purpose is obvious, but it enables you to read a PDF file prior to downloading it. Here, you can get an idea of the kinds of things you may download.


I advise previewing the file to be sure it’s what you’re looking for before hitting “Download.” When you click this button, the PDF file will be downloaded to your device. This will instantly save it to an application that is compatible with PDF files, which is often Adobe.

Vertical ellipsis (three vert) ictal dots

This is their “more choices” menu, and it is located next to the preview and download buttons. If you choose this option, you may transmit the PDF as an email attachment, an EPUB or MOBI file, a Kindle device, or report the material.

The website is really straightforward and simple to use and just has these three buttons.

Is PDFDRIVE.COM Completely Free?

The PDF search engine for this programme is totally free to use unless you register for a premium account, which is not necessary to download data from their site. On the plus side, PDF Drive will provide you statistical analyses of your file so you can determine how many pages are in the PDF. Even you individuals who are aware of the size of the document and the quantity of downloads. To convert files to the PDF document format, you might use an online PDF converter. Visit the online converter as well, where you can find the finest and free PDF converter for converting files to and from PDF files without changing the document’s appearance. It’s important to keep in mind that Adobe PDF is often used to show documents in an electronic format that is highly compatible with all platforms and Operating Systems.

Regarding Free PDF Drive Account

For downloading material, the PDF Drive free account is adequate, but if you use the website regularly, you may want to switch to a premium account. The free edition gives you a range of settings so you may customise your experience. After completing a search using their search box, you’ll obtain a list of similar PDF titles, short descriptions of the files, and a cover picture. You can more easily identify the information as a result.

You may construct your own PDF drive directory using the 100MB of “My Drive” storage space that is included with all free accounts.

PDF Drive Premium Account

All of the aforementioned are included in this account type, along with certain premium-only features. A paid membership costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year, depending on how you use it, and offers the following benefits:

No-ad interface

It goes without saying that websites need to make money in order to provide you the services they do. Because this website is often free, money is made by placing advertisements all over it. This is a purchase that is definitely worth the money if you’re the kind of person that gets irritated over it.

Quicker download times

They must evenly distribute the download speed between each download due to the enormous volume of users that download material from their website every day. With a premium membership, your download speeds are quicker than those of non-members.

Unlimited space on My Drive

The 100MB of free My Drive storage from PDF Drive is a kind gesture. In reality, it doesn’t amount to much. The majority of PDF documents will quickly fill this up. With a premium subscription, you have limitless cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

There is a 7-day free trial period for both premium programmes, and you may end your membership at any moment without being charged.

You’re in luck if you use Android and want to read on the move! You may preview or download all of the information they have accessible by downloading the PDF Drive app from the app store.

PDF drive features and capabilities

  • Pdf Drive is available to you for free forever. Downloading files using cover images may save us time.
  • The sophisticated filtering tool allows us to filter the pdf by popularity, download size, publication date, and page count.
  • The search for the requested pdf takes only a few moments.
  • The pdf drive is updated over time as new collections are added.
  • Additionally, it’s shrewd; based on our prior searches, the pdf drive proposes categories or expectations.

How to Download PDF Drive App?

This fantastic PDF search engine has its own, which we may use for free in only two minutes, as we previously mentioned.

The straightforward steps to get the free PDF Drive app are as follows:

  • Go to m.apkpure.com, type in “PDF Drive app free download,” and then click the first result. You will be sent to a website where you can download the file by following it.
  • At this point, click the download button with the PDF Drive symbol in the page’s centre.
  • The last action you did was clicking the download button, which will redirect you to another website.
  • It will show up in your downloads as PDFdrive.
  • Install it, and enjoy using it.

Advantages of PDF Drive

The benefits that driving offers are clear to see. We’ll discuss a few benefits in this pdf file that are significant elements and portions.

  • You can take countless numbers of books about with you at all times, read or put any of them down anywhere and whenever you need an internet connection, and keep them organised whenever you choose.
  • Your Home doesn’t need a distinct infrastructure like a nightstand for reading or a reading lamp.
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.
  • In addition to ebooks, you may also get papers, magazines, and up-to-date information.
  • No matter where you are, you can quickly search for and quickly find the right book online if you have access to the Internet.
  • Users may read and download eBooks at any time.
  • There aren’t any adverts shown when preparing or analysing.
  • You may read anywhere and whenever you choose, without any restrictions. Almost at any time, in any circumstance, or place.
  • Lending books to friends fast, even if they are far away, is the major benefit of utilising a pdf drive.
  • It provides completely free services.

Is PDF Drive legal?

  • First, it’s possible that PDF drives operate illegally in the United States.
  • They use Internet scraping to create free PDF files that are accessible via their service.
  • There shouldn’t be many books there, which suggests that someone produced an illegal copy and posted it to their website.
  • Once this duplication has been found, it will be stored until someone files a complaint.
  • However, it will delete material upon request, but many publishers are obviously too busy to object.
  • Different legal consequences might apply depending on the nation.
  • In general, downloading information for personal use won’t result in a fine.
  • The operation of PDF units generally complies with the law. I search the internet for the original PDF files and convert them to Word files.
  • The service is offered.
  • In general, it has an impact on those who share or distribute copyrighted content without authorization.
  • If you download it for personal use, you won’t face any consequences.
  • If the book you want isn’t available in the format you want, or if you find a PDF or HTML file you’d like to have on your reader, you may simply convert it.
  • Contrarily, Caliber is a fantastic tool for keeping and transforming files into the required forms.

Top 75 PDF Drive Alternatives:

  1. Bookboon
  2. Bookyards
  3. Free-eBooks.net
  4. Google
  5. Internet Archive
  6. ManyBooks
  7. com
  8. Open Culture
  9. Open Library
  10. Smashwords
  11. Europeana
  12. Read Print
  13. com
  14. Librivox
  15. Authorama
  16. Kupdf
  17. Page by Page Books
  18. Readanybook
  19. Idoc
  20. Academia
  21. Free Kindle eBooks
  22. SmallPDF
  23. com
  24. Freepdf-books.com
  25. org
  26. com
  27. com
  28. com
  29. com
  30. com
  31. in
  32. net
  33. pub
  34. free.fr
  35. com
  36. com
  37. com
  38. com
  39. e-booksdirectory.com
  40. com
  41. com
  42. com
  43. org
  44. net
  45. com
  46. de
  47. edu.jo
  48. net
  49. az
  50. Index-of.es
  51. com
  52. com
  53. com
  54. com
  55. com
  56. Pdf-archive.com
  57. net
  58. com
  59. com
  60. com
  61. com
  62. net
  63. com
  64. com
  65. de
  66. net
  67. tips
  68. ch
  69. The-eye.eu
  70. com
  71. com
  72. Index-of.co.uk
  73. net
  74. wordpress.com
  75. net

Is it safe to download free PDFs from internet libraries and search engines?

Downloading free PDF books is forbidden, right? Regarding online libraries, the first issue that has to be addressed is this. It is not against the law to download books that are either free or have entered the public domain due to copyright expiry. On the other hand, most of the books available on sites like PDFdrive are plagiarised. You are usually advised not to download any free books that you do not have permission to download in their disclaimers.

PDFdrive is one of the largest libraries of free PDF downloads. How secure is PDFdrive? It includes anything from books that are available for free legally to educational resources, files that are shared for free, and pirated content. The concern is that malware-containing ebook files may be added at any moment.

Although websites and information are protected by services like PDFdrive, Library Genesis, and the Internet Archive, much of that content is stolen, isn’t checked for copyright violations, and may even be hijacked and uploaded to those websites by hackers.

Any PDF you attempt to download can really be a Trojan horse for fake PDF files and harmful software. Imitation websites try to provide excellent content to its users in order to keep them coming back to see or click the advertisements. It is impossible to keep track of the billions of books, papers, periodicals, and other materials.

Apps that let you download free ebooks are just as dangerous as free internet libraries. The majority of the time, they are only an app wrapper or a link to an external web library. Even worse, downloading such applications may infect your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with malware.

As a consequence, it looks that free online libraries are trustworthy places to find viruses in addition to being appealing places to get free stuff. Fortunately, there are websites where you may download books legally and sometimes even for no cost.

How to avoid getting a virus from a PDF Drive (or another ebook format):

  • Make use of a pre-moderated, sign-up-required online library (like Scribd).
  • Verify that the book’s title and the author’s name are both accurate. If there are, you could have found a fake.
  • Make advantage of cloud readers (such as the preview options in Google Drive or PocketBook Cloud) rather than opening dubious files on your PC.
  • If you need to access the book on your computer, disable third-party plugins and JavaScript execution in your e-settings readers.
  • Before opening the PDF file, antivirus software should be used to check for viruses.
  • Don’t click any of the books or documents internal links.
  • Run a thorough antimalware scan on your computer using your antivirus programme if you suspect that a PDF file has already infected it.

Why is pdfdrive.com blocked?

Millions of PDF files may be found, viewed, and downloaded using the free search engine PDF Drive on your computer or mobile device. The bulk of the PDF files their crawlers find to add to our database are wonderful, but some of them are risky. They do this often.

Although we acknowledge that most of the material on pdfdrive.com is positive, we can assert that we have independently confirmed the existence of nudity, pornography, and sexual content. As a consequence, we feel that we must prohibit pdfdrive.com for the safety of our users.


It’s completely safe to use the official PDF Drive website. They are not responsible if you are found utilising the material unlawfully since they do not own it. If you want to gamble, by all means, go for it. However, bear in mind that the documents you are looking at can be illegal.

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