Picuki Instagram: Is Picuki safe and legal?

If you’re like most of us, you probably wish your Instagram account looked better than it does now. If you want to improve your account, but want an easy solution that won’t cost you money or hours of work, Picuki Instagram might be the perfect app for you. This app lets you improve your profile and follower count with just the click of a button, and is completely legal. However, there are some downsides; let’s find out more about this application in our review!

The origin of Picuki

Ever since the release of apps like Facetune, social media users have been looking for apps that would help them achieve that unattainable ‘Instagram look.’ We’ve seen the introduction of MyPica, a Photoshop-style app for your phone’s camera. Now there is an emerging app, called Picuki. It has many of the same features as MyPica, including editing functions and filters, but it also has a function to automatically create collages and videos with quotes overlaid on top. For example, the struggle is real or hustle hard. While it may seem like a harmless addition to this generation’s photo editing toolkit, we still need to ask ourselves: Is Picuki safe and legal?

Do influencers know about it?

Many influencers are discovering this app because of the variety in filters to choose from. And some have already started using it, but many seem to be uninformed about the legalities behind starting an account on Picuki.

The most common question seems to be Is Picuki safe and legal? Well, as a quick reminder, one does not need permission from a parent or guardian in order to sign up for a free account on this app.

Influencer approval rates on Picuki

Since it’s release in June, Picuki has exploded in popularity on social media. But is it safe? We looked into this question to find out what the answer is. When signing up for the app, you are required to link your social media accounts so you can post from them directly from the app. There are three different options to choose from when posting on Picuki: a photo of yourself, a video of yourself, or uploading one of your existing photos/videos that are stored on your phone.

Legality of using influencer’s photos

Pictures on the app can be taken from accounts that have posted their consent to be used on the app. If a photo isn’t explicitly marked with this, it’s not clear if the account holder has granted permission for its use. It is currently unknown if users who post original content to other social media sites will be able to use Picuki for those posts, or if their content would violate copyright law by being shared in the app without their consent.

Legality of using non-influencer’s photos

There are many things to consider when starting a social media page, one of the most important is whether or not to use photos taken by others. People do use other people’s pictures and you are allowed to do this as long as there is a Created with Picuki notation on the photo. If your account falls under specific guidelines it may be necessary for you to remove any posts containing content that was originally created by someone else. It is also illegal to create an account using somebody else’s identity without their permission.

Final thoughts on legality

Is Picuki safe and legal? Yes, it is perfectly legal. It has a caution for those under 13 who wish to register for the website, which is standard when social media websites are concerned. However, many users have complained that they have been deactivated due to not following the laws of what can be posted on the website. And others state that they do not feel this is a problem because everyone is responsible for themselves and their actions in terms of what they post on the site.


First, there is no indication on their website of who the creators are or if it is an app created for children. Second, to sign up for an account you must enter a phone number, which allows them to send ads to your account without asking permission. Third, all accounts will be seen by people worldwide. Fourth, they take 25% of the revenue from any adverts.

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