PS3 Network Status Playstation Network Fixed already?

PSNVarious News is revolving around the internet about PS3 Network Status When Will Play station Network Be Fixed? But As of now, few internet reports have it that Play station Network already fixed, but some had commented that it still has some glitches.

Yesterday the main complaint was about the “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)”, this appeared on the ps3 Play station network.

The Play station networks have been fixed, and users now play their favorite games. Sony was able to isolate the Play station network code 8001050f and was able to fix the problem.

According to Sony play station, the network was down causing disrupted internal clock functionality except on the slim units, The Play station error actually had something to do with the leap year that caused the systems to have wrong times.

It was thought that the ps3 system recognized 2010 as a leap year causing the error codes. The Play station users can now adjust the time and can now play the games that they couldn’t play yesterday.

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