Salesforce announces first integrations with Slack after closing $28B sale

You had to assume Salesforce had huge ambitions for Slack when it purchased the firm at the end of last year for over $28 billion. The CRM industry leader today unveiled a few preliminary connectors that might be beneficial for Salesforce users.

Slack will likely replace other communication platforms for Salesforce going ahead, according to Rob Seaman, SVP for Slack at Salesforce. We truly want Slack to serve as our users’ main point of contact for all of their communications, work, and workflow-related activities, as well as the processes and applications they support.

In order to support the Slack vision for sales, service, marketing, and analytics, we are unveiling these additional features. And what we’re doing for each of those categories is describing, in terms of both best practises and codifying, how you can and should model your sales, service, and marketing teams in this new environment, he added.

The idea is that by using Slack’s ability to include other business tools within the application, people can collaborate to identify methods to accelerate and automate a variety of Salesforce processes, making it quicker and simpler to use without having to switch contexts.

First, the Sales Cloud gains specialised deal rooms where all parties engaged in a difficult transaction, whether internal departments like finance and product staff or external partners, may gather in Slack throughout the sales cycle and keep on top of the tide of all sales activity.

According to Seaman, the deal room is a chance for Salesforce to integrate with Slack in a manner that makes it extremely easy to communicate with everyone in order to successfully close a transaction, including clients and partners. “For connecting with outside partners, that is where Slack Connect is quite useful. We believe that as a consequence of this, we should be able to significantly shorten sales cycle durations, he said. The tool Slack Communicate, which was released last year, allows Slack users to connect with individuals outside of a business.

Furthermore, via connectors, sales team members working on more complicated offers may get daily updates, which are automatically compiled in Slack and contain customised daily task lists, meetings, and priority deals.

Service teams may gather in a space Salesforce refers to as a “swarm,” where they can assist one another with any difficulties or queries they may be experiencing. This might be especially useful to receive a response fast in a business with a huge product portfolio. A swarm may be helpful when there is a more particular topic at hand and a person with that expertise may be exactly the ticket. While Einstein suggestions helps with similar information, Members of the service team will also be able to look for specialists to invite to the swarm who may be able to assist with the query or speed up the resolution.

Not to be outdone, marketing benefits from the sophisticated insights given by Datorama, a business that Salesforce acquired in 2018. When changes are made to a marketing campaign, marketers get frequent notifications inside of Slack.

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The integrations with Tableau, which Salesforce acquired in 2019 for $15.7 billion, are the last ones. Salesforce is a very acquisitive firm. Similar to how marketers get updates on campaigns, other users may receive Slack alerts anytime data in Tableau that they deem significant is changed. They can also receive daily digests of the most important metrics directly in Slack.

These developments, according to Seaman, are only the beginning. At the Dreamforce customer conference next month and in the months to come, we will learn about other Slack connections. Every cloud and industry solution in [the] Salesforce [family of products] is working on this, he added. “This is just the beginning, so you’ll continue to see expansion of the integrations between Salesforce and Slack for the four areas that we’re announcing today around sales, service, marketing, and analytics.”

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