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Sesteel is an industry veteran with many years of experience in the steel industry. Every structural steelwork, including its design, production, and installation, is within their expertise as well. It doesn’t matter whether you want to completely overhaul your home’s aesthetic or simply update one little detail, like a staircase. When it comes to building skyscrapers and other tall buildings, it is unrivaled. It’s also utilized extensively in the production of the building’s steel framework and the formwork that holds the concrete in place throughout the construction process. Whichever grade of structural steel you choose to use, it is essential to collaborate with a trained expert who can help you choose the correct material for the job and ensure that it is placed properly.

What is Sesteel?

Sesteel is an organization that specializes in a wide variety of assistance options. The company also provides a comprehensive suite of services, including structural steel project design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Furthermore, they sell a wide variety of products, including:

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Trusses
  • Girders
  • Decking
  • Metal cladding

The staff at Sesteel is dedicated to providing exceptional service and products. They have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, as well as a team of trained professionals. They also aim to deliver above and above what is expected by their customers.

SESTeel Technology:

Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc. is a U.S.-based company that offers reliable and high-quality drawings to structural steel fabricators.

As compared to traditional methods of detailing, the accuracy and precision of the 3D models we’re able to produce using Tekla Structures is unrivaled. Throughout the last decade, Tekla Structures has been used in several projects.

SESteel is able to meet deadlines and provide 100% customer satisfaction because to its cutting-edge technology and proficiency with KSS, CIS/2, CNS, and other data formats.

What Are The Core Services Of SESteel?

Exploring SESteel’s comprehensive service offerings might leave you feeling overwhelmed by the company’s primary offerings. The greatest benefit, however, is that all of your Steel servicing needs may be met by this one company.

1. Pre-Construction Services

In order to provide its customers the best possible service, SESteel offers a wide range of pre-construction options, some of which are shown below. The following are examples of essential offerings:-

  • They have the erection sequence down pat.
  • Making sure take-offs go well and preparing preliminary invoices for items in advance.
  • Accurately outlining the schedule’s estimated timeframes.
  • Producing precise cost estimates and assuring meeting site coordination.
  • Customers’ sales presentations need to be prepared in a professional manner.
  • SEsteel offers these and other services to its customers all over the globe in the pre-construction phase of their projects.

2. Steel Detailing and Modelling With the Help of Tekla Structures

The cutting-edge technology of Southeastern Steel Detailing INC is provided by a 1GB network and three servers. There are a total of 12 Tekla workstations available, each of which can support a high-speed DSL internet connection.

Project structures are developed and validated with the aid of the 3D web. They still use the time-honored methods of ensuring product quality on occasion. This is what makes Southeast Appliance the industry leader.

Every project goes through a thorough field inspection. In addition, it can collect precise information for the automated beamline’s control system. It may also generate data for use in controlling production. Fabtrol generates a plethora of reports to check for data consistency.

3. Preparing Detailed Reports

Southeast Steels’ warehouse and steel shops may simplify your life. By providing a comprehensive report on the project’s status, it simplifies the lives of its patrons. The majority of the reports it generates for its customers fall into the following broad categories:-

  • For the sake of the bills, they are assuring improved takeaways.
  • Get the shop bolt summary ready.
  • They’re bringing in advance bills of materials at this point.
  • They are putting the reports in the right order.
  • Provide a short synopsis of the Field bolt.
  • A list of potential shear stallions is currently being compiled.
  • Improved preparation is one of the things they’re working on.

These postponed reports are helpful to manufacturers in facilitating commerce. Conceive of strategies that will assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

4. Industries It Has Served

Many options for services are available from businesses that specialize in custom made steel detailing. Steel for use in manufacturing, construction, and commerce. Every work is done to order, and a high standard of accuracy is maintained throughout each stage.

Superior financial results are achievable via the continued use of cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail in this industry. Moreover, advanced technology has boosted consumer interest in these commodities.

SESteels Projects Models:

Tekla SESteels projects models are given;

  • Hospital
  • Church
  • Military fitness upgrade facility
  • Power Plant
  • Pipe Racks
  • Plant utility Bridges
  • Power plant
  • Shopping Malls
  • Aircraft Hanger etc.

SESteel providing Career Jobs:

SESteel always looking for qualified employees. Applicants must have the following skills;

  • Advance math including algebra
  • Basic drafting
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Or one year of experience in any drawing field.
  • Self-Motivated applicants are preferred who can work individually as well as in a team.


Q1: How long has Southeastern Steel Detailing been in business?

Over 30 years have passed since Southern Steel Detailing first opened for business.

Q2: What is the phone number for Southeastern Steel Detailing?

Southeastern Steel Detailing may be reached at (205) 467-6050.

Q3: How big is Southeastern Steel Detailing?

Around 4 people are employed by Southeastern Steel Detailing, which results in a yearly income of $416,207.

Parting words:

Among these materials, steel stands out for its potential for both decorative and utilitarian applications. Sesteel is the best option if you’re searching for a steelwork specialist. Whether you need assistance with anything from minor repairs to whole new building, they can do it. If you need help getting the greatest outcomes, their experts can provide you advice and support.

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