Shortest Footballers In Premier League

Shortest Footballers Premier League reported. Football the worlds one of the most watched sports but today we select 10 shortest players that played in Premier League according to their heights . But in football every thing that represent you is you football skills , how much athletic you are . Andy Ducros is one of the short height players he played for the team of Coventry City. Well check the list you will find more about the smaller height and length players that are playing and some were retired from football.

Shortest Footballers Premier League

Andy Ducros : Height (5 Feet , 4 Inch ) :

Andy Ducros is one of the small height player at one time in the Premier League while playing for the team of the Coventry City , he played for them from 1996 to 1999.

Alan Wright : Height (5 Feet , 4 Inch ) :

Alan Wright is retired from football , but he is also listed among the short height players list of EPL , he played for the team of the Aston Villa.

Albert Crusat : Height (5 Feet , 5 Inch ) :

Albert Crusat is currently playing with the team of Wigan Athletic , but now Wigan relegated from the Premier League, but during the season 2011 they are playing in Premier League so we consider Albert Crusat name for the short height players.

Nathan Dyer : Height (5 Feet , 5 Inch ) :

Nathan Dyer is part of the Swansea City team squad and he is working great in the season games , well he joined other players in the short height players .

Aaron Lennon : Height (5 Feet , 5 Inch ) :

Aaron Lennon is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League , he played for the team of Tottenham and Everton , he is fast and shorter in height , but a skill’s creating player in the world. Lennon played most his career for the team Tottenham and scored multiple times assist for the forward players.

Shaun Wright-Phillips : Height (5 Feet , 5 Inch ) :

Shaun Wright-Phillips play for the team of the Queens Park Rangers , he is fast and good in dribbling and he is 1.66 meter long and one of the top mid-fielder played for the team like Chelsea and Man City. If we talk about fastest players in the world, Wright Phillips names comes to the mind while playing for Manchester City. Manchester City new players checkout contract details at sportspayouts.

Vurnon Anita : Height (5 Feet , 6 Inch ) :

Vurnon Anita is current defender and defensive midfielder of the Newcastle United team . He’s is 5 feet and 6 inch tall and one of the top athletic defenders from Netherlands team.

Emanuele Giaccherini : Height (5 Feet , 7 Inch ) :

Emanuele Giaccherini is play for the team of the Sunderland currently he moved from the Italian Serie A to Premier League in the Summer transfer window. He is hopeful to make his place among the starting eleven of the team.

Michael Owen : Height (5 Feet , 8 Inch ) :

Michael Owen the biggest names in the Premier League who played for the Liverpool , Newcastle , Manchester United and Stoke City in the Premier League , Owen is 5 feet and 8 inch tall. He is one of the best strikers in the England squad. After leaving Real Madrid, Owen return to premier league join Liverpool rivals (Manchester United), things did not work much for him there left the club join Stoke City before ending his career. find out more about Manchester United players salaries and contracts.

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