SnapPDF Is the Best Free PDF Converter Available Today

Do you need a FREE conversion to or from the PDF (Portable Document Format)? Examine the PDF Converting feature of SnapPDF.

Quickly and easily transform PDF documents into Microsoft Word spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, or JPG or PNG images, or vice versa.

SnapPDF’s built-in conversion tool makes it easy to convert files to and from PDF format. The conversion process will not alter your document’s format or layout in any way, which is excellent news.

Are you prepared to launch? How to use the best available PDF converter without spending a dime:

First, open the Snappdf app and choose the PDF Converter option.

Click here ( to use our PDF Converter app at no cost to you. If you want to access the online tools, just go to the homepage and look for the tab that says “Online Tools” in the main menu.

To use our online PDF converter, just click here. When you click that link, you’ll be taken to the PDF converter page on our site.

In the second step, you’ll select a file to convert to or from PDF format.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our PDF Converter service. Bookmark this page for easy access whenever you need to convert PDFs.

To begin generating the PDF, select the file you wish to convert and click the CHOOSE FILE button in the page’s center. Changing the format of your document can be done in two ways: either from PDF or to PDF.

Method 1:  You can try transforming from PDF format.

Have a PDF file that you need to convert to another format? OK, no sweat! To convert a PDF, you need only select it from your computer and click the CHOOSE FILE button.

Dropping a PDF file from your computer’s desktop works, too. After selecting and uploading your PDF, you can convert it to one of the following formats:

PDF can be converted to the following formats, as you can see:

  1. Word to PDF
  2. Excel to PDF
  3. PowerPoint to PDF
  4. JPG to PDF

Click the CONVERT FILE button after choosing the target format.

After selecting an output format, our FREE PDF Converter will start converting your PDF file immediately. You can expect the PDF conversion to be complete in a few seconds.

As a third step, save your converted file.

Our FREE PDF Converter tool will convert your file to the format you specify, and then you can download the converted file by clicking the DOWNLOAD FILE button.

Yes, it really is that simple!

As an alternative, you could try a PDF conversion.

Do you need to change a file type from Microsoft Office to PDF? Maybe you’d like to make a PDF out of an image or HTML file.

OK, no sweat! Each of these formats (and more) can be easily transformed into PDFs with the help of our PDF Converter.

Many different file types can be converted to PDF.

  1. PDF to Word
  2. PDF to Excel 
  3. PDF to PowerPoint
  4. PDF to JPG

You can convert any file to PDF by dragging and dropping it from your desktop, or you can click CHOOSE FILE to browse your computer for the file you want to convert.

The upload will trigger the PDF conversion process in our PDF Converter tool.


One of the many helpful online resources that Snappdf provides is a PDF converter. PDF files can be easily edited by dividing, merging, converting, compressing, and digitally signing them, all without cost.

In search of a comprehensive PDF editor you can use online? In addition, we supply our customers with our feature-rich SnapPDF Online software, which can be accessed from any web browser and utilized by anyone for document creation, modification, merging, splitting, electronic signing, and even optical character recognition (OCR)!

For any and all document requirements, use SnapPDF. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your PDF, our robust online tools are here to help you do it quickly and easily. Snappdf Online, accessible from any web browser, is another option for Mac users who need to get the job done quickly.

PDF solutions made easy with SnapPDF.

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