Solana NFT Projects That Are Worth Watching

As Solana(SOL) grew in fame, a portion of the Ethereum platform’s activities shifted to this network with cheaper GAS rates. NFTs are one of the system’s primary development areas. Furthermore, because of its enhanced scalability, Solana is drawing more producers to create their NFTs over the decentralized system. 

Based on trends, it is further enticing players with less cash. There are many blockchains that are supporting the trend of NFTs. One prominent round-up looked at some of the major NFT collectibles that have had a significant influence on Solana. Below are the top Solana NFT projects. 

Solana NFT Projects Worth Watching

1. DeGods

DeGods is the biggest NFT venture on the Solana network at the moment. The site is unique, community-driven, donates to its users on a regular basis, has celebs like IceCube active, and a lot more. DeGods has evolved into the big success that it is currently as a consequence of each of these attributes.

DeGods set a basic cost of 300 SOL (about $9,570). The volume is in some millions of dollars. The best wallets for Solana support this NFT. Of course, these wallets must support NFT technology. You can easily buy or sell the DeGods NFT. It is one of the top NFTs. 

2. Y00ts Mint Toob 

The creators of the wildly popular DeGods NFT initiative produced this. Due to this reason, the Y00ts became one among the best anticipated collections when the tokens were released, with 15,000 of them in supply. The price of one y00ts was 375 DUST, which was somewhat above $1,000.

Many months before, the floor price of Y00ts increased to 144 SOL (approximately $4,467). The entire number of Y00ts NFT is now 564K SOL ($1.70 million). The floor value of 103.33 SOL ($3,205). The profits made were slightly less than the profits made from DeGods. So, I have put it in the second position. 

3. Okay Bears

The slogan for Okay Bears, a compilation of 10,000 bits of clean NFT, was something like “We’re gon na be okay.” The plan is one of the things that distinguishes Okay Bears. Each component of the plan has a purpose. There are several components related to this NFT. 

A playground, a workplace, a gallery, a store, a studio, a stage, and a market crash are among the seven components. Okay Bears NFT has an entire volume of 564K SOL, which is around $66 million. Choose the best wallet for Solana NFT for this NFT. 

4. SolanaMonkeys

As a component of this NFT venture, 5000 distinct, randomly created SolanaMonkeys are maintained on the network (SMB). The monkeys hope to develop a big community all across the Solana network with its user-friendly architecture, which includes owner-exclusive benefits, a communal wallet, and a future polling mechanism.

The floor value for SMBs increased to 288 SOL, which is approximately $36,535). SMB NFT’s entire volume is now 1.18 million SOL, which is around $37.7 million. The base price of each item is 199 SOL, which is approximately $6,362. This fourth NFT is very lucrative. 

5. Boryoku Dragonz

Boryoku Dragonz over the network of Solana has 1,111 Dragon NFTs, each of which generates passive revenue for its value of total assets of the BOKU cryptos. Unlike other NFT items, this project provides holders with exclusive features like airdrops every single day, breeding games, and mechanics for burning the tokens.

Every owner of this NFT obtains 7 BOKU coins every single day. If the BOKU coin achieves its all-time peak of $19.76, you may make $138.32 every day and more than $50,000 every year with only one Boryoku Dragonz NFT. There are many other additional benefits of this NFT. 

Some Potential Uses Of NFTs

The NFT series is based on society, tradition, and usefulness, and it is a great example of how creativity occurs. NFTs offer a great deal of promise, allowing investors to actively build methods to assure the best possible returns. NFT creators are developing more interesting tools. Every best wallet for SOL can be used for NFTs. 

Some tourism and entertainment firms, for instance, offer tickets using NFTs. This eliminates the necessity for any form of customer assistance in the meantime. NFTs will play a significant part in the evolution of the Metaverse. The developing digital ecosystem is expected to produce one trillion dollars in yearly income in the near future.


In this post, you have seen the top Solana NFT projects. NFTs will indeed play a significant role in distinguishing genuine from counterfeit merchandise. This also applies to academic credential validation. No one is capable of creating fake academic credentials, making it easy for managers to authenticate legitimate certificates. Certifications of all types will be readily checked.

The Phantom wallet icon was trending earlier. It can support NFTs. Many individuals freely mimic genuine things and sell imitation ones. As a result, determining whether a seller is legitimate will be easy. NFTs will increase autonomy by letting creators make goods and sell them to their community without having to wait for lengthy processes.

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