Soul War Wiki & Trello: How To Turn Back To Human

You may use the WIPE CODE to return to human form after being in hollow or demon form. Check it out: Soul War Codes. Some coupons provide free Yen, while some provide free wipe. Look for FREE WIPE CODE in our list of Soul War Codes. Redeem it and check whether the wipe code restores your human shape.

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Beginners’ Guide

When you first visit the Soul War Wiki, you will be met with a very simple landing page. Here is where you can view all of the pages that have been produced in the wiki so far, as well as connections to other resources that may assist you in getting started. If this is your first time visiting our website, please take some time to look around before continuing kings choice codes.

The Soul War Trello board is intended for players who wish to contribute material and/or exchange ideas on a more regular basis.

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Soul Reaper

If you’ve seen the Bleach anime, you’re already familiar with the role of Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers are the world’s balancers. They destroy hollows and rescue souls, transporting them to Soul Society. They employ Shikais and Kido to quickly and efficiently eliminate hollows.

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Paths

Hollow Path: To turn hollow, you must die as a Human to a Hollow. This is the simplest way to take since you simply need to die to get it.

Arrancar Way: Arrancars are Menos+, which means you must be a Menos, Adjuhas, or Vasto Lorde to become one. The skill tree will have a skill that will allow you to develop.

Trainee Path: You must be a Human and just talk to the Soul Reaper NPC to become a Trainee. Look about since the NPC will spawn in either the town of homes or the hospital. You will outrun them because you are faster than hollows.

Soul Reaper Path: You must be a Trainee with Rank 5 or above to become a Soul Reaper. To acquire Rank 5, you must complete missions at the quest board at the entrance.

Vizard Path: Soul Reaper and Rank 10 are required to become a Vizard. Just converse with the Exile NPC in Katakura. After speaking with the Exile, you will lose all Kido skills and must complete the Vizard Raid Boss to become a vizard.

Quincy Way: You spawn with a 10% chance of becoming a Quincy.

Soul War Wiki: uide To User Interface

EXP is shown on the yellow bar.

The green bar represents Health Name | Rank – Your current name and rank. The maximum rank is 30.

The blue bar represents Reiatsu Squares 1-7, R T Y – Skills.

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Training Guide

Soul Battle Roblox offers three sorts of training: strength, speed, and reiatsu. They all cost roughly X150 yen to utilise the trainings. You’ll be playing a button timing minigame. If you are successful, you will acquire X1 stat (as long as you have skill points.) You must level up in order to obtain skill points. Each level grants you X3 skill points.

Soul War Wiki & Trello FAQs

Q: “When will the game be released?”

A: It is expected to be released during the summer. Update: it has been released!

Q: “How can I get CC access/the Tester role?”

A: The Tester position is no longer available.

Q: “What exactly is Soul War, and how does it differ from previous Bleach games?”

Soul War Wiki & Trello is a sandbox game with a basic but sophisticated fighting system that’s mostly enjoyable for pvp. The progression is similar to any other grindy bleach game, but we have a few extra expansions like raid mode, bosses, mini-bosses, ranked pvp, accessories, and other stuff.

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