Spotify: How to See What Your Friends Are Listening To

Are you a Spotify user? If so, one of the great things about the service is that you can see what your friends are listening to, which can inspire new music choices and expose you to artists you’ve never heard of before. If you want to do this on Spotify, it’s actually really easy—here’s how to see what your friends are listening to on Spotify!

The first way

Spotify is a music-streaming service that you can access for free or for a monthly fee. A unique feature of the service is its Spotify Radio, which is personalized based on what you listen to. It has playlists based on moods and activities, such as You Rock Out and Running.
When your friends start listening to an artist that they also follow on Spotify, they will appear in your Recently Played list. From there, you can click on the song title or album cover to listen. If you have a premium account, you’ll be able to stream entire albums too.
You can also click on Follow Artist or Show My Friends Playing to see who else listens to this artist. If this person is already one of your friends on Spotify, their profile will show up at the top with links so you can instantly message them if needed!
As you listen to Spotify Radio or a playlist, you can share it with your friends. From there, they will see how long and what you’ve listened to. They can also listen directly from that page by clicking on Follow Song/Album/Artist. You can even show off your progress by clicking on Show My Friends Playing on top of that!

The second way

When you’re listening on Spotify, it doesn’t always make sense to share a playlist with your friends. You can see what they’re listening to by heading over to their profile and clicking the What are you listening to? the section at the top of their profile.
However, if you’re looking for more ways to connect with your friends on Spotify, one method is by sharing a song. You can do so by hitting Share in any of your playlists and then selecting Spotify. From there you can type in their name or choose from an existing contact. Then simply add a message before clicking Send.
For example, I shared The Drop by Zara Larsson featuring Ty Dolls $ign with my friend when we were getting ready for a night out dancing!

The third way

Lastly, there is a third way that you can see what your friends are listening to on Spotify. Click here for the instructions. Basically, open up your Spotify and click Friends in the top right corner of the screen.
The first tab says All Activity. From there you will be able to see what they have been listening to over time and scroll through it by week or month. You can also search by username so that’s handy if you know who specifically you want to know about.
The second tab says, Friends. That shows everyone in your network and their activity with which songs they are playing right now.

How can you share your Spotify listening activity on Windows and Mac?

You can also share your listening activity with friends on Spotify. For Windows or Mac, go to Spotify in your browser and sign in with your account. Click Account on the menu bar and then select Privacy Settings. In the Sharing section, you can choose who can see what you’re listening to, and what level of granularity they’ll be able to see it at. By default, no one is allowed to see what you’re listening to; click Change who can see my activity…
to change this setting. If you want everyone to know what songs you’ve been playing, change this setting to Everyone. If you want only your Facebook friends and followers on Twitter (you must connect these accounts first) to know what songs you’ve been playing, change this setting from No one to Only my Facebook friends or Only my Twitter followers. When you make a change to this setting, a pop-up appears asking if you want to disconnect from other services. Click Yes if you do not wish to share your activity with anyone else on those sites anymore.

How can you share Spotify listening activity on Android?

You can share your Spotify listening activity with friends on Android by sharing the Play Now link. Once they open this link, they’ll see what you’re currently listening to and be able to stream it themselves on Spotify. How can you share Spotify listening activity on iOS?:
To share your current playing song on iOS, tap Share from the bottom navigation bar and select who you want to send it to from a list of contacts or services like Messages or Facebook Messenger. To share a playlist in progress, go to the playlist screen and swipe up until you reach the share button.
From there, all you have to do is choose which friend(s) to share with and how—by text message, email, social media, AirDrop—and when they click on the notification that pops up on their phone or computer, they’ll be taken right into Spotify where they can play whatever’s being shared live as well as adding it to their own library if desired.

A way to check from the web app

1. Open Spotify and go to the top right-hand corner, near your profile picture, where you will see Your Friends. Click on it.
2. Select from which of your friends you want to find out what they’re listening to and then click View Playlist.
3. You’ll now be able to see everything that’s playing in their playlist including what songs are new or trending, as well as how many songs they’ve listened to today.
4. Finally, if you click on a song title, you’ll be taken directly into the app so that you can listen along!


To see what your friends are listening to on Spotify, start by opening the app and navigating to the Browse section. From there, tap the Friends tab and choose any user you want to view. You can also try looking for your friend’s name in a list of public users or use their e-mail address instead of searching.
With that information, you’ll be able to find out everything they’ve been playing as well as see what music they’re sharing with others. If you have an account, you can go ahead and click on the share button to send a playlist over to them! The more people who share playlists and songs, the better it is for all listeners – everyone gets new songs!

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