The Five Fastest Ways to Get Flint in Minecraft

Flint can be acquired by two methods in Minecraft. You can either strike it from stone or collect it from gravel, but each has its own advantage and disadvantage that you should consider before settling on one method over the other. Let’s take a look at the five fastest ways to get flint in Minecraft so you can choose the best method for your needs.

Test All Logs

I searched for the five fastest ways to get Flint and none of them seemed too difficult. It took some time but with these five different methods, I was able to find exactly what I needed!

Method One: Going around the world on foot

You might think that this is the simplest way and it can be if you aren’t super greedy or high-leveled. For me, I just needed a few items so this method worked out fine. But if you’re looking for more then keep reading because there are more options.

Method Two: Use your Bow and Arrow

If your looking for the easiest way possible then I would recommend using your bow and arrow. All you have to do is go into a forest and start shooting trees down with arrows until one falls with Flint inside it’s trunk! Pretty simple right?

Hit Obsidian with a Pickaxe

There are five ways to get Flint from Obsidian. To do this, you’ll need an Iron Pickaxe or better. You can smelt your Pickaxe (if it’s Iron) at a Furnace and then pick away at the Obsidian blocks for Flint. If you have a Diamond Pickaxe or better, you can right-click and one of the options will be Smash Rock. When smashing with a Diamond Pickaxe, there is much less chance of breaking your tools!

Dig Down to the Bedrock

In Minecraft, there are five ways you can get Flint: Digging up stones. Mining for coal and stone. Breaking witch huts. Killing the Ender Dragon by placing water buckets underneath it until it dies. Crafting a furnace out of four cobblestone blocks and netherrack with an iron ingot inside (you can also craft a hopper). Getting down to bedrock from the bottom of one of the larger caves in order to find large veins of resources. Finding items such as apples or carrots that have fallen through the cracks and mining them out by digging downwards.

Hit Granite Ore With A Stone Axe

Granite is a special kind of ore that can be found deep underground and can only be mined with a stone axe. Breaking it with any other kind of axe will yield nothing but flint, which isn’t very useful. To find out where granite ores are spawning near you, head towards the right of your screen until the game tells you that there’s an unobstructed path nearby or if you see cracks forming in the ground under your feet.

Mine Gravel Under Water

Underwater mining might sound crazy, but gravel has a 25% chance of dropping flint while you are underwater. So with that 25% chance of having something drop and not really thinking it through, you should be able to find flint after only 30 minutes of underwater mining. Of course there is always the option to do your mining above ground and keep an eye out for raw boulders that have a 75% chance of dropping flint.

Hitting Iron Ore With An Iron Sword

By far the easiest way to get Flint is by hitting Iron Ore with an Iron Sword. The player will be able to find Iron Ore underground, and there is a good chance that some of it will be flint. Another way for the player to obtain Flint is by trading items with Villagers, who usually carry Flint in their trades. Sometimes, when mining Redstone or Diamonds, there might be flint at the very bottom of the mine tunnel where all other ores are no longer visible.

Building A Cobblestone Generator

Getting the raw materials for building isn’t always easy, so if you are looking for the fastest way to get Flint in Minecraft this is it. The fastest way of obtaining Flint is by grinding the cobblestone. Cobblestone can be mined quickly, and after an individual has reached level one with a pickaxe they should have enough skill to collect enough cobblestone that will generate one-hundred pieces of Flint every day.

Mining A Cave On Sandstone And Dirt Hills

In order to get Flint quickly, start mining sandstone. It’s easily found on the surface, but you’ll find more of it as you dig deeper. Make sure not to mine dirt hills because they don’t contain Flint and will take up more time and energy. You can also look for ores and keep an eye out for rocks that are just one block wide or thin. Mining a cave is another option, as there are usually plenty of ores with some space between them to grab a few before returning back inside. Mining Lava: You can also try mining lava; it’s possible that you’ll come across pieces of Flint if you’re lucky! There’s a small chance you’ll even come across pieces of Diamonds!

Mining Coal Next To Water

One of the fastest ways to get Flint is by mining Coal next to a water source. Then all you have to do is place a lava bucket on top of the coal. Lava will flow out into the water, which will create coal and some flint. Put dirt on top of the ground with lava flowing out, it will create coal and some flint.

Mining Iron: Mining Iron can also yield flint if mined next to water or if mining Quartz next to water because quartz has tiny flakes of iron mixed in with it. Mining Stone Next To Water: If you are lucky enough to find stone that is close enough to a body of water so that there is no dirt or other obstructions blocking your way then mine stone for Flint!


In conclusion, there are many ways to get Flint in Minecraft, but these are the fastest. Now you know how to start building! Build a shelter to protect yourself from mobs, and then gather resources for better items like armor and weapons. Be careful of skeletons at night! Good luck with your adventure – we hope it is as fun as ours was when we built our worlds! Have any other tips or tricks? Comment below and let us know!

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