The Role of Church in Creating a Worship Culture

Culture influences every aspect of your life, and the culture at your church is no different. From the moment you step into your church building, it’s clear that there’s a certain way to behave—and not behave—when you’re there on Sunday morning or Wednesday night. This isn’t just in how you dress; it also comes down to how you talk, what you eat and drink, and when and how loudly you laugh.

Many people are looking for what church can do

For many people, church is looking for a place to worship that feels personal and welcoming. This means that not only does the building and staff need to feel welcoming, but the whole worship experience should feel inviting. It is easy to overlook the importance of creating an atmosphere that fosters singing and participation, but it can make all the difference in how often people attend. Churches might consider what other buildings are doing well at creating this environment so they can start implementing these practices into their own ministry.

What does a worship culture look like?

A worship culture includes more than just people showing up on Sunday. It is also about knowing and responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. A church that practices worship can be distinguished by an environment where Christians both lead and are led by their King, Jesus Christ, in everything they do.

Our Kids Need To Experience Church As An Adventure

I’ve had the privilege to lead church both as a children’s minister and worship pastor. What I’ve seen is that what they need most is Jesus and the opportunity to experience church as an adventure, not just an event or a place for duty. At Redemption City Church, we have created experiences like Artventure or Outrageous Awesomeness where kids can serve in a different way than just sitting through the sermon on Sunday morning.

Grow People Who Are Constantly Ready For Adventure

We teach people how to connect with God on an adventure level. We strive to grow people who are constantly ready for the next adventure because we know that the best life isn’t found on one mountain but rather in a journey full of adventures. It’s our job to create and cultivate this type of culture at church through relational connections, celebrations, consistency, excellence, community, and flexibility.

All Ages Gather For True Worship

Once we got there, the service started. The lights were dimmed and all I could see was the screen, bathed in soft golden light and worship music that echoed softly through my ears. As the people in front of me bowed their heads for prayer, my whole body stilled with anticipation as I waited to hear what God had to say.

Having Variety Can Be Good For True Growth

When churches are focused on themselves, there is a lack of transparency. This can be harmful for the church’s spiritual development. Churches that get caught up in themselves forget that their purpose is to serve as conduits for good and meaningful events to take place. In doing so, they lose sight of the bigger picture – being a force for good through shared experiences. In order to make people feel welcome, churches must have an environment that suits every type of person and personality out there.

Looking Forward To Anything Involves Looking Back At Where We Started.

It is said that our early experiences with church shape who we are, and therefore have the potential to influence where we end up. And if I am asked what was one of the most formative moments for me in my church life, it would have to be when I served as an altar server during the altar call.

Intentional Parties Create Memories That Bring Us Back

Community-centered parties are all the rage, and they’re not going anywhere. The next time you throw a bash, ask yourself: Is my party focused on what this group loves to do? You’ll want your party to be more than just food, drinks, and some good music. Your goal should be to create memories for this group that will bring them back–day or night–regardless of how exhausted they might be from the experience.

Children Teach Us More Than They Learn From Us

We can’t rely on the church building to be the place where our children learn that worshiping God is what being a Christian is all about. The most important thing we can do for our children is to teach them right at home. That way, when they go to church with us, they will have learned by our example and then will better know how to participate.

God Is Bigger Than Our Fears

Too often, our fears get the best of us and we don’t do anything. The thing is that when we fail to move past the fear, we end up failing ourselves. For God has not given us a spirit of fear. 1 Timothy 6:9 (NIV) If anything, church can be where we feel less alone or judged. One way that churches have helped me overcome my fears is by giving me friends and mentors who supported me no matter what decision I made because they cared about me.


A church is not only a place for people to worship, but also a cultural center that shapes the way the surrounding community believes and interacts with one another. With this new definition, it’s up to you whether or not you want your church to simply be that meeting place for those who are searching for community, or if you want it to transform lives and impact communities.

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