Tips and Tricks on How to Replace a Laptop Screen

The laptop is the most essential tech accessory in our daily lives. It allows us to do most digital activities. It is important to maintain our laptops and keep them well-maintained. It can be a very frustrating situation to find your laptop screen cracked intentionally or not. Don’t worry,Otherwise you can also visit laptop repair. 

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it isn’t the end of the earth. We will be discussing some simple tips and tricks to Replace a Laptop Screen.

We can help you decide if you need professional assistance or a DIY replacement for your laptop screen. No matter what model your laptop is, you can fix it quickly. To understand each context and make it easy to implement, keep an eye out for the appropriate contexts.

Before you replace your broken laptop screen

Before you proceed, make sure that the screen is in good condition. You should check the graphic card (found on the motherboard) to see if it’s working. You might be wasting your time, money, or energy by replacing the screen of a laptop that is in good condition. If the laptop has ever been damaged, double-check.

How do I check if my Graphic Card is functioning properly?

Connect your TV or desktop to the laptop. Check if the image is clear on the external screen, if your graphics card is in good condition and if there are any problems with the screen. To activate the output of your external display, you will need to press a key on your laptop. If you don’t get an image view again, the graphic card on your motherboard may be damaged.

Tools needed to fix a screen on a laptop

These are the essential tools you need to be able to do your job properly. These are the essential tools required for this process:


To keep your laptop safe and allow you to start working, you will need a flat surface. You can use any type of desk or your dining table.

Small-headed magnetic screwdriver: 

The size of this tool should be between the two. It shouldn’t be too small to be used for toy repairs and it shouldn’t have a large enough to fix a car. Use a magnet to hold the screwdriver in place. This will allow you to easily remove and replace screws.

A knife or other thin object: 

This is necessary to separate the screen from the case. If your nails are strong enough, it’s optional. However, if you do use any sharp objects to separate the screen from the case, then be careful not to damage any other laptop’s sensitive parts.

Safety pin or needle: 

This is used to remove the sticker covering the holes in the bezel’s screws.

Small container To hold the small screws in their place.

The basics of replacing a laptop screen

1. Take out the screen bezel

  • Remove the AC adapter from the laptop and also remove the battery.
  • Locate the screws covered in a sticker. These stickers are usually located near the hinge, at the bottom of your bezel.
  • Use a needle to remove it without damaging the surface of the laptop. These stickers can be saved in a safe location so that they are easy to remove again.
  • To remove the screws using the screwdriver, move it to the left to make it go away.
  • You can remove the screen bezel by using a thin object or your fingernail. Because the bezel is attached to the back by a sticky substance, you will need to exert some force.

2. Take out the damaged LCD panel

  • Now we have completed our one task and can see the LCD attached to the back.
  • Take out the screws holding it in place at its two upper corners.
  • The fluorescent backlit LCDs on models made before 2010 are equipped with two cables, while the models made after 2010 only have one. Keep the display still on and then disconnect the cable.
  • Find the manufacturer’s label and note the model number. This information will allow you to purchase the exact screen that you need for your laptop.

3. Install the new LCD panel

  • You should ensure that the new screen you purchase is the exact same model as your old one.
  • Before you install the screen, optimize the dimensions, connectors, and brackets.
  • Attach the screen to the case and secure it in the correct position.
  • Assemble the cables as you did earlier.

4. Reinstall the bezel and test the new LCD panel.

  • You are now ready to reattach your bezel. However, before you do so, make sure you test the new panel thoroughly.
  • Connect the power cable to the battery, then turn on the machine.
  • If the screen displays properly, attach the bezel to the correct positions and screw the screws.


It’s better to be safe than sorry! To avoid any damage from falling, use laptop protection accessories. After some time, you can opt for the maintenance service to ensure that both its hardware and software are safe and secure.

We have discussed how to replace a laptop’s screen in the most efficient and simple way. This task is easy if you are tech-savvy like most Americans. However, if you are not able to do this and are unwilling to take responsibility for any mistakes made, I recommend that you seek professional assistance from an IT service provider.

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