Todd Chrisley Offers Reality TV Advice to Son Chase From Prison

Todd and Julie Chrisley, Chase’s parents, are both in jail in Florida and Kentucky. They were found guilty of federal tax theft and given a combined 19-year term. Chase Chrisley is talking about the new reality TV show that his family is making. He says that his father, Todd Chrisley, has given his advice from a federal prison.

During the most recent episode of his Cut to the Chase show, the 26-year-old said that his dad not only gave him advice but also told him and the rest of the family to “run it through the roof.”

“I mean, the new show is just me, Savannah, my family, and a few of our close friends,” he said. “I talked about it with [my parents]. I mean, I really like my dad. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. So, when I do get to talk to him, I tell him everything, ask for his opinion, and he loves it when we win.

Chase, who is now engaged to his on-and-off girlfriend of two years, Emmy Medders, said, “He was like, ‘Run it through the roof.'”
Chase, who was in the family’s reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best on USA Network until it was canceled in November after 10 seasons, talked about how their new show will be different if the production company can sell it.

Chase said, “Chrisley Knows Best was pretty much a sitcom.” “We knew exactly where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to do. It was a show for the whole family.”

But Chase says people can expect a lot more from the new show.

“Our new show, which is coming out soon, will be different for sure,” he said. “It will be real and raw, with all the good, bad, and ugly. So, we’ll see how it goes.”

When one of his co-hosts asked about the name of the show, Chase said, “Trying to get the money lined up first, brother.”

“Yeah, but first you have to make a production deal,” he said. “Then, since it’s a brand-new show, we want to shoot another sizzle, and then they’ll take it out and sell it.”

Savannah also talked about the new TV show in this week’s Unlocked podcast. She said that the family started shooting last Friday. Savannah said that the show will be a close look at how her life has changed since her parents went to prison.

“You’ll see how my grandparents and Chase and I handle things. “I don’t always agree with him and the way the wedding works,” Savannah said. “You’ll see exactly everything, and there won’t be any hiding, like when Chloe asked me what a tampon was. She told me that she needs to be ready for that day to come.

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