Top 5 Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards

Whether you’re a doctor or just someone who wants to keep up with the latest on coronaviruses, you’ve probably heard of coronavirus apps and dashboards. These applications can help you monitor coronaviruses in real time and even provide you with information about the current coronavirus outbreaks in your area.


Using PNPCODA coronavirus apps and dashboards can help monitor and prevent the spread of the virus. The apps and dashboards can be used on PCs or mobile devices. These apps are useful for health care providers and patients. They can also provide data on outbreaks in other countries.

The PNPCODA site includes interactive charts, graphs, and an interactive map. The website is free to use. However, users must register before using the dashboard. This allows the website administrators to provide technical support to users. They can also help users fix website issues.

PNP CODA is a government-run site that provides access to disease data. It includes vaccine coverage, vaccination history, and disease prevalence. The site also provides education and technical assistance. It has a user-friendly interface and allows users to input data from any device. It can be used by government employees and the general public.


Various institutions, government agencies, and health departments are using mobile apps and dashboards to track the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. This has become a pastime for concerned citizens. Some have even gone as far as to develop a new breed of dashboard based on a public cloud. This enables users to search and query data from any country.

A new tool from IBM leverages data from state and local governments as well as the World Health Organization to create a highly visual map of reported cases of COVID-19. The company’s free “Incidents Map” is available via The Weather Channel app. The tool is designed for data scientists and is also available to the public. In addition to the map, the company has also created an interactive dashboard displaying the latest news, trends, and other data.

Coronavirus Resource Center

Several apps and dashboards have popped up on the interwebs. From the obvious like a Google map showing Corona cases by region, to the less expected like an app that uses Twitter to perform sentiment analysis, there is certainly a lot to choose from. A number of these apps provide a single measure of performance, such as the number of confirmed Corona cases in a given region, or the number of deaths attributed to the virus.

The Coronavirus Resource Center of Johns Hopkins University also has an app that provides a summary of the number of Corona cases reported in each state of the United States. They also publish a weekly newsletter. The Corona dashboard, in addition to providing information on the number of confirmed Corona cases in a state, also provides an overview of Corona deaths, gender breakdowns, and statistics per 100,000 people.

COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard

Using data to make decisions and improve public health is a priority for Montgomery County Government. This is why the County has developed a COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard to show what is happening in the County and to help identify which sites need more attention. The data displayed includes hospital beds in use, Emergency Room visits, and more.

The COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard is based on information collected by the County’s public health units. It also reflects the burden of the illness and healthcare indicators. In addition, it provides links to a variety of other sources of information.

The CDC has released an interim COVID-19 position statement, which defines cases and makes COVID-19 a nationally notifiable disease. The case count includes probable cases, deaths, and hospitalizations. It also includes information about the vaccines used for the disease.



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