Top 5 Real Estate Farming Postcard Examples & Templates

When utilizing real estate farming postcards for lead generation and brand awareness in a certain area, consistency is essential to make sure your services remain top-of-mind. Your agricultural postcards should clearly feature your brand and contact information in addition to audience-engaging information like market data and statistics, seasonal greetings, practical buyer and seller suggestions, and more. Check out these 20 inventive real estate farming postcard samples and templates for inspiration and discover how to utilize them to cultivate client leads and recommendations.

For printing postcards for realtors, Vista Print is a great choice. The platform and design editor are quite simple to use, there are hundreds of prepared templates with a variety of real estate postcard ideas, and if you run into trouble, it offers branding and design services. Additionally, Vista Print provides a wide range of direct mail marketing materials, including branded realtor pop-by presents, business cards, and postcards for real estate farmers.

Here are the top 5 real estate farming postcard examples with solid ideas for lead generation and marketing:

1. Introduce Yourself with Real Estate Farming Postcards

real estate postcards for farming

  • Source: Etsy
  • Size: 4 x 6

When you introduce yourself as a neighbor in your farming community, people are more likely to ask for guidance. It suggests that you are well-versed in the neighborhood market, readily accessible to customers due to your close proximity, and invested in maintaining the neighborhood’s quality of life just like the present homeowners are.

Though you mingle locally or take part in events in a particular neighborhood as a way to establish a connection with the region even though you don’t live where you plan to farm, you can still identify yourself as a neighbor. In any case, here is an illustration of how to present oneself as a local real estate authority using a basic postcard template.

2. Provide Free Knowledge

  • Source: Big Block Realty
  • Size: 6 x 9

This real estate postcard concept is great for inviting homeowners who aren’t sure whether to sell their property or buy one to a meeting so they can learn more about the process and if the time is perfect. It covers on topics including being prequalified and how current market trends could influence buying or selling transactions, which are issues that frequently worry homeowners. For increased exposure and lead sharing, a realtor and a mortgage lender co-sponsor it.

To further encourage interest in going, the headline also suggests that there are fallacies in the real estate industry. Giving advice to folks considering buying or selling a house without expecting anything in return is helpful to them and frequently positions you for lead conversion in the future. Additionally, offering refreshments and door prizes always promotes attendees and RSVPs.

3. Provide an Opportunity

your neighborhood realtor postcards

  • Source: Pinterest
  • Size: 4 x 6

The adage “opportunity knocks” conveys a sense of urgency and entices sellers to get in touch with you for further information, such as the kind of offer your buyer is willing to make. It shows that you have customers willing to do business with vendors quickly and without hassle at the best possible price.

One of the greatest realtor farming postcard ideas to use when demonstrating the guarantee you provide for sales listings is this one. With thorough contact details and a headshot that puts a name to a face for potential customers, vendors can easily get in touch. This is a fantastic strategy to market yourself as a real estate expert and gain additional real estate listings from house sellers.

4. Free Home Valuation Farming Postcards for Realtors

  • Source: Real Estate Marketing Magazine
  • Size: 4.25 x 6

Sending postcards giving a free house appraisal to homeowners who are or could be interested in selling is another strategy for farming for sales listings in your area’s real estate specialized market. A clear call to action is included on this kind of real estate farming postcard to draw in potential buyers and sellers. After receiving a value, a homeowner can be interested in continuing the dialogue even if they are not now looking to sell.

Sending postcards to homeowners providing a free home appraisal to those who are or could be interested in selling is another strategy for farming for sales listings in your real estate specialized region. In order to attract the attention of purchasers and sellers, this kind of real estate agricultural postcard offers a clear call to action. Even if a homeowner isn’t actively looking to sell right now, they can be intrigued to continue the discussion after viewing the appraisal.

5. Market Updates Postcard

  • Source: Postcard Mania
  • Size: 4.25 x 5.6

The majority of house owners are interested in how their properties stack up against those of their neighbors and those in the neighborhood. You may reach out to more potential customers by mailing a postcard to your farm area that includes recent market data. Additionally, it demonstrates your keen interest in, knowledge of, and familiarity with the neighborhood housing market.

The aforementioned illustration also demonstrates how you may target various audience groups within your agricultural region by giving details like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and pricing. These elements might prompt a receiver to contact you on their own to self-identify as a new lead or to ignore the material if it doesn’t fit their search criteria. Numerous various forms of data specs can be changed to meet the farming region.

Gaining prospects through direct mail and online advertising is a proven way to expand your real estate lead generation efforts. In fact, this Postcard Mania postcard garnered amazing results, generating 219 potential buyer leads from 6,000 postcards sent (a 3.65% return, far higher than the 1% to 2% often expected from direct mail). Not only can Postcard Mania assist with designing your postcard, but they can also track results and create ads on Google and Facebook that match the look of your postcard design.

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