Top Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

A used phone purchase is risky in the first place, but if buying it from a reliable buyer, the risk is diminished. However, if you buy a second-hand or refurbished handset be sure to be aware of a few points in mind to maximize its value of it.

So, today, I’m going through some things to avoid doing when you get your new iPhone 12 Pro. By following these guidelines, you will be able to quickly extend the life of your used iPhone 12 Pro.

The article I’m writing about will go over the following topics:

  • What is an upgraded iPhone
  • Things to avoid using the refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

Let’s begin by examining what constitutes an upgraded iPhone.

What is a Refurbished iPhone?

If you purchase a refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that was used by another. The phone is restored to its factory settings and often offered at a discount cost.

Many people decide to purchase refurbished iPhones since they’re less expensive than purchasing a new iPhone for the first time. But, there are a few things to avoid doing using your newly refurbished iPhone to ensure it is in good working order.

If you have a refurbished iPhone then you shouldn’t make use of any chargers that aren’t authorized. This is true for chargers that aren’t manufactured by Apple or aren’t specifically made specifically for the iPhone. These chargers may harm the battery of your iPhone and cause other problems.

Also, another thing to not do with your new iPhone is to download unapproved apps. The apps you download aren’t always safe and could harm your device or allow someone to gain access points to personal data. Always download apps through the App Store or from reliable sources.

Additionally, stay clear about using non-official iCloud services. These services aren’t supported by Apple and could cause the loss of data or other security problems. Make sure you use Apple’s official iCloud services to ensure your data is safe and protected.

Things You Mustn’t Do with the Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

If you buy a used iPhone It’s crucial to be aware that it’s not an entirely new phone. In order to keep it in good order it is recommended to avoid doing certain actions. If you have a repaired iPhone 12 Pro, you should not do the following:

1. Avoid it for high-impact Activities

The used iPhone might not last as long as a brand-new phone It’s advisable to stay clear of using it for any activities that may harm it. This includes activities like playing sports or running when you carry it around in your pocket. If you have to utilize your phone for these types of activities you should consider purchasing an accessory case to safeguard it.

2. Do not expose it to extreme Temperatures

Like any other electronic device, your repaired iPhone is susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures. If you are planning to leave it for long periods don’t leave the device in bright sunlight, or in very frigid environments.

3. Do not use unapproved Chargers or cables

Use only chargers and cables that have been approved by Apple to be used on the iPhone. Unapproved cables and chargers can cause damage to your phone or end the warranty.

4. Do not attempt to repair it By Yourself

It is not advisable to repair your new iPhone by yourself in the event that there’s a problem. Go into an Apple Store or an authorized service provider to repair it. It could void the warranty of your phone or cause further damage to your phone by trying to fix it yourself.

5. Don’t Lose It

The impact of dropping your iPhone even from a height of a few feet could cause damage to it. Be aware of your device and try to avoid dropping it. If you do fall on it, look it over for damage and then return it to the Apple Store or an authorized service provider in the event that you spot any issues.

6. Avoid using it in wet Conditions

Your new iPhone isn’t waterproof, therefore avoid using it in humid conditions. This applies to places like the pool, the beach, or the bathtub. With an absorbent, soft cloth dry off your phone in the event that it gets wet.

Exposing your repaired iPhone to liquids could cause damage and invalidate the warranty. Beware of using your phone when it is raining or in any environment in which it may come in contact with water.

7. Don’t put pressure on the Screen

Applying pressure to the LCD of the iPhone could damage the screen. Avoid applying pressure to the screen, or making use of sharp objects like pencils or pens. If you have to clean your screen, apply only the softest, most lint-free cloth.

8. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals for Your Phone

Cleaners and harsh chemicals could damage your new iPhone. Do not use these products on your phone or within its vicinity. This includes aerosols, cleaning products, hairspray, paint, and perfume.

9. Do not keep your phone in a Case that Doesn’t allow air to circulate

The use of a case that doesn’t allow air to circulate could result in it overheating. This could damage your phone and could void the warranty. Make sure you choose a case that permits air to circulate around your phone, keeping it cool.

10. Do not use unapproved accessories with Your Smartphone

Make sure you only use accessories approved by Apple to be used with the iPhone. Unauthorized accessories could cause damage to your phone or invalidate the warranty.

11. Do not block the Microphone or Speaker Access Points

Blocking the speaker or microphone openings in the lower part of the new iPhone will lower the quality of your sound on calls as well as when you use Siri. Make sure these openings were not blocked when you use your phone.

12. Avoid placing your phone in proximity to Magnets

Magnets can disrupt the functioning of your newly repaired iPhone and cause damage to its internal components. Beware of placing your phone in proximity to magnets or in areas that have strong magnetic fields.

13. Do not use your phone while It’s Charging

If you use your phone while charging could damage the battery, and could void the warranty. Be careful when using your phone while it’s connected to an electrical source.

14. Don’t charge your phone overnight

The charging process for your phone over a long period of time can cause damage to the battery and invalidate the warranty. Do not leave your phone unplugged for a prolonged period of duration. Unplug it once it has reached 100% in order to prolong the life of your battery.

15. Do not attempt to disassemble your Phone

Disassembling your new iPhone could damage the device and invalidate your warranty. If you notice something is wrong with your device, go to the Apple Store or an authorized service provider to make repairs.

16. Avoid exposing your phone to Dirt or Dust

Dust and dirt could damage the internal components inside your newly refurbished iPhone and decrease the performance of your phone in time. If your iPhone is dirty clean it with an easy, lint-free, soft cloth.

17. Do not use your phone if the Screen is cracked or shattering 

If the screen of the repaired iPhone has cracked or is shattered you shouldn’t use it until you have repaired it. If you use a damaged or cracked screen could cause further harm to the phone, and even hurt the user. Go to the Apple Store or an authorized service provider as quickly as possible to repair your phone.


Here are our top 10 things to stop doing with your new iPhone 12 Pro. This list should assist you to avoid potential issues and help you get the best out of your phone.

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