Try these 5 Solutions if Your WhatsApp Call Isn’t Working

Customers were really excited to use WhatsApp’s call and video services when they first launched. For such lengthy talks, users didn’t need to spend as much on airtime.

If users have mobile data and a strong internet connection, they can make phone conversations for extended periods of time without having to worry about running out of airtime.

However, there may be a few bugs while utilising some of its functions, just as with any other mobile or online application. Here are some common things to think about if you are unable to use WhatsApp’s call or video features.

1. Consider restarting your device

It’s the first thing you should perform when trying to identify a bug on any smartphone or other device. The RAM on your phone gets used up when you use applications. Some of these RAM-hungry programmes may not be shut down and keep operating in the background even after you dismiss them. This may prevent other programmes from properly accessing and using RAM. You may free up RAM on your smartphone by turning it on and off.

2. Grant WhatsApp the required permissions

For WhatsApp’s call feature to work, you must give it permission to use your phone’s camera and microphone. Check to see whether you’ve granted WhatsApp all required rights if you’re having difficulties utilising the call or video feature.

To do this, choose “Apps” from the “Settings” menu on your Android phone. After that, click on WhatsApp after scrolling down till you see it. The ‘Camera’ and ‘Microphone’ choices under ‘Access authorization’ should be turned on.

3. Check the Internet Connection

It’s crucial to verify that your mobile data plan (or internet subscription) is operational as well as the functionality and signal strength of the WiFi or Internet network you’re using. WhatsApp’s video and call capabilities are only accessible while your smartphone is online.

4. Try removing unsuitable third-party applications

On your smartphone, several third-party programmes, such proxies and VPN, may interfere with WhatsApp and prevent you from having voice and video chats. Anti-virus and other antivirus programmes might possibly be modifying your privileges. To see whether you can now call someone on WhatsApp, think about just deleting these competing programmes.

5. Try to reinstall or update the WhatsApp application.

To prevent losing your WhatsApp chats when you reinstall the app, save a backup of them beforehand.

After trying the aforementioned fixes and the problem still persists, you might want to think about reinstalling the programme.

Additionally, you should update WhatsApp if you’re still using an outdated or older version of the app since upgrading to the most current version of the software may solve the issue.

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