Visit Dubai Creek

Dubai is a city with impressive characteristics: everything that happens there seems unprecedented and authentic. The fact that it is built in the middle of the desert but has a long natural estuary, the Dubai Creek and Celebrate New Year Party in Dubai Creek, which was fundamental for its foundation, is proof that everything here is surprising and fantastic. We will tell you about it later.

Visit Dubai Creek

General information about Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a natural stream that runs inland from the coast of Dubai for about ten kilometers and divides the city into two parts: on one side is Deira and on the other Bur Dubai, which are the two oldest districts of the city. As it is a narrow estuary, it is not necessary to take the ferries to go from one side to the other, as there are bridges and tunnels that connect them in several parts; however, if you prefer to go by water, you can take the small boats that are available on both sides of the coast.

The origin of Dubai is a long river which allowed the first settlements in the region. Originally called “Zara River”, it is now known as Dubai Creek. Its importance is absolute; not only would the first settlements (of fishermen and pearl divers) have existed without it, but this early fishing village would not have experienced the same growth either.

During the 20th century, the port of Dubai Creek was the most important in the region and allowed trade to reach the mainland absolutely directly. In a way, this port was the junction point between India and Africa which, since antiquity, have maintained important commercial relations.

Today, the Dubai Creek is one of the main attractions of the city and allows tourists to take boat rides while observing the huge skyscrapers of this metropolis.

Where is Dubai Creek?

Dubai Creek is located between Deira and Bur Dubai (near the Spice Souk and the Old Quarter of Dubai).

Visit Dubai Creek

For many, it is one of the most exquisite corners of Dubai, and we share this idea. If you visit this beautiful city, you must not miss the opportunity to take a boat trip along this beautiful cove (known as the abras), to contemplate from the water the different points of the city and to enjoy the tranquility of this walk. If you can do it at sunset, you will enjoy it even more, because you can appreciate the colorful aspect of the city and its lights.

It should be mentioned that some ships offer dinner on board and although it is usually expensive, it can be an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic plan to surprise your partner and convince her or to enjoy an exquisite dinner on the banks of the estuary with your friends.

The Walk

In this place you will find one of the best beaches in Dubai, and a promenade full of shops, restaurants, bars, supermarkets open 24 hours a day, playgrounds… Even the Real Madrid soccer team It has a restaurant on the beachfront. This place is spectacular. The huge skyscrapers reach the very beach, giving us one of the most photographed and famous images of the city. Beach is a place full of tourists , especially Europeans and Americans, and with a great atmosphere at all hours of the day. A huge Ferris wheel is currently being built, another attraction for the area.

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