Series wallaroo nybased 25m Microsoft’s M12 venture fund, together with Wiggers Ventures and Venturebeat, invested $25 million in a New York City tech business called Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat. Since its beginning at the tail end of 2016, the company’s development has been exponential, making this fundraising round a key landmark. Wallaroo will be able to use the funds it has raised to make investments in new products, new employees, and new markets.

Wallaroo Media:

In 2018, Justin Wiggers and Ryan Stoner helped launch a company called Wallaroo Media in New York City. The company’s main goal is to help businesses of all sizes benefit from machine learning and data science. Wallaroo, their powerful data platform, allows businesses to rapidly analyze massive data sets and get real-time insight.

Wallaroo, a company that recently revealed it had raised $25 million in a Series A round led by Microsoft’s venture capital arm M12, has done so. New York City-based startups have never raised more money in a series A round than this. Wallaroo plans to hire additional engineers and data scientists with the money so that they may provide its New York City-based 25m Series Microsoft M12wiggersventurebeat platform to a wider range of clients.

According to a recent article published by VentureBeat, the purchase of Wallaroo is indicative of a bigger trend of major organizations investing in data science startups. The presence of industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Microsoft indicates a large opportunity for new companies like Wallaroo.

With this fresh infusion of capital, Wallaroo, a New York-based 25m Series Microsoft M12wiggersventureBeat, can keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and serving their clients better than ever before. We are excited to see the firm grow and prosper with these additional resources.

25M Series:

New York-based media company Wallaroo Media has announced a fresh $25 million financing round. Microsoft’s venture capital arm M12 led the Series A investment, with participation from Wiggers Ventures and others. Only recently, the business announced its Wallaroo platform, which enables users to make and share videos with one another.

Wallaroo Media will use the proceeds from this round of fundraising to expand its product and technical teams in order to enhance the current platform and develop new features. This is a really exciting period to be a company in the years ahead as we design and build technologies that transform the way that people tell stories,” said David Tepper, CEO of Wallaroo. We’re pleased to have Wallaroo New York-based 25M Series Microsoft M12wiggersventurebeat Ventures and Microsoft’s M12 venture arm on board.

Many in the business world and investors alike were thrilled by the news. An article in Venture Beat lauded Wallaroo’s ambition in creating a user-friendly platform for video chat. It seems to be possible with the help of the most recent investment.

With this first $25,000,000 in Series A funding, Wallaroo Media is only getting started on its ambitious goals to revolutionize the video storytelling industry. With this large injection of cash, Wallaroo Media is poised to release some really remarkable content in the not-too-distant future.


The Wiggers Group is an investment firm that puts money into companies in developing economies. Wallaroo Media is one of the more than fifty firms it has backed since its inception by founder Jeffrey Wiggers. Microsoft’s venture capital arm, M12, has helped Wallaroo Media secure a $25 million fundraising round. The success of the Wallaroo New York-based 25m Series Microsoft M12wiggersventureBeat goods and services in their respective areas has attracted this investment. Wallaroo, a New York–based 25m Series Microsoft M12wiggersventureBeat, will use the newly raised capital to grow its offerings and foster more innovation in digital media. The VentureBeat story on Wallaroo’s potential growth emphasized Wiggers’ financing. Wallaroo’s goal with the 25M series is to become a dominant force in the digital media industry.


Wallaroo Media, a New York-based advertising and media platform, recently revealed on VentureBeat that it has secured $25 million in its most recent funding round, led by the Microsoft M12 subsidiary.

Wallaroo’s goal is to assist publishers in increasing their digital media ad income while also enhancing the ad experiences they provide their audiences. In addition, they provide companies with a large video archive to utilize in gauging the success of their marketing initiatives.

David Wiggers’s Wiggers Ventures, a venture capital firm, invested in an earlier round of financing disclosed this year in October, and that round will be expanded with this current one.

Wallaroo may use the funds to accelerate its development and hire more engineers and product specialists to better serve customers. Wallaroo intends to provide new goods and features to enhance the effectiveness of its video advertising services.

Wallaroo’s ability to continue developing in the face of the growing popularity of digital video streaming might be greatly aided by the company’s recent funding round. It will be fascinating to see how this additional funding aids Wallaroo’s growth and expansion plans.

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