Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram (2022)

1. Include Reels in your mix of content

Reels are fun and entertaining videos you can share with your followers through the Instagram account. They feature effects, audio, and inventive tools. You can post them to your feed, and also publicly in Explore to reach out to new viewers.

Reels are an exciting new area for brands. Instagram’s beauty partnership manager, Kristie Dash, says that Reels are a new method of publishing content. There isn’t any one way to be successful. However, she offers these tips for gaining the attention of users:

  • Create content that is original and with a strong keep it trend driven. Look for the latest trends in Instagram or TikTok and then put the spin of yours on them. This improves the likelihood that your Reels will become viral and reach new users.
  • Create content that is relatable and easy. Not every Reel must be produced. Videos with lower quality can be similar, if better than the most well-produced Reels.
  • Educate your audience. Find the right balance between education and

Social media marketing agency’s owner Trilce Jiron Garro, of is in agreement. “Don’t promote your products using Reels content. Give information. Offer tips on the field that you’re working in. Engage people,” the woman says.

Trilce recommends that existing and new brands include entertaining Reels in their “Reels offer anyone the chance to connect with new audience. No learning curve is required since Reels aren’t high-quality. The creators are able to create content driven by community that creates trust, attracts followers, and generates sales in the course of time.”

Trilce likes the Instagram Insights tool that was introduced for Reels. “Reels are now an integral component of every Instagram advertising strategy. Tools for analytics on Reels have made it simple to keep track of the metrics and analyse the data to determine if your Reels are performing. Now, you know exactly what your audience and dislikes, what time of day to publish Reels and what call-to-actions appeal to viewers.”

With Reels Insights You can identify patterns and recognize various spikes in engagement which impact your visibility in the marketplace. This way, you’ll be able to create content that is of high-quality and gets even more followers and engagement.

Need help with drafting an Reels strategy? Find out more.

2. Cross encourage content

Cross-promoting involves posting similar content across various social media channels. It’s a method employed to reduce time and money. It’s also efficient in creating brand awareness and increasing the audience on Instagram.

Mobile users are using entertainment and video apps videos, with videos posted in social networks causing the most growth. If it’s a video of a shorter length or a lengthy tutorial, you’ll need to increase the reach that you share all your Instagram content.

Justin Bieber’s holiday dance contest is a perfect example of cross-posting successfully. For the season of the holidays in 2020 Bieber Canadian performer posted the identical dance challenge on both TikTok as well as Instagram. On TikTok it received 9.8 million followers. The post on Instagram was able to get 4.8 million views. The video was able to be noticed by more people by sharing the same content across two platforms.

Nadya Okamoto, the founder and CEO of August, a lifestyle brand discovered that TikTok naturally crosses-pollinates with Instagram as well as YouTube. In her blog, she writes “As we’ve grown on TikTok from August, we’ve also grown to 175,000 followers on Instagram.” Posting regularly across various channels has “affected our overall cost of acquisitions to be super effective,” this has allowed the brand to move off from paying media its primary acquisition channel.

TikTok isn’t just one channel that you can cross-post to. It’s also possible to cross-post on Instagram. Instagram Reels format can be easily adapted for YouTube Shorts and Pinterest Stories. It’s important to remember that Instagram’s algorithm has the TikTok watermark. Therefore, if you’re planning post content that you cross-posted from Instagram to other channels, make sure the content is of high-quality and does not promote a rival platform with watermarks.

3. Curate your profile grid

A majority of your followers won’t follow you because of your posts from the past, but because of the possibility of what you’ll share in the near future. Your followers want to understand what exactly they’re about to receive if they click the Follow button.

A feed that has the same theme and regular schedule for posting could have as big as an impact on the growth of followers as the other strategies for growth we’ve talked about in the past. A simple design will attract new followers so long as it’s clear in the first glance to anyone who visits your page.

Think about your Instagram bio as well as your most recent nine posts as the first impressions on Instagram. Are they able to convey a degree of consistency via filtering, personality, colors, filters or layout? Do the links you click take users to the same page each week? Or are you linking to exciting and fun content?

The grid’s layout is often overlooked as a method to be creative with the look of your feed, while also adding the rhythm of your publishing strategy and creating a consistent style that’s worthy of following.

In fact the majority of accounts that use this method are in a position to save time on content creation by focussing on turning visitors to followers, creating texts, images or other posts that is more quickly reacted to, and streamlining the process of creating their Instagram posts.




4. Partner with brand ambassadors

Do you not want to pay a famous influencers large sums to promote your company? Work with brand ambassadors that have anything from a few hundred to thousands of followers. Ambassadors are people who truly trust and believe in your brand and https://comprarseguidoresportugal.pt/ will share with their acquaintances about it.

The luxury shoe retail store Sarah Flint seeing success with its brand ambassador program with more than 500 women. Each ambassador is given a special discount code, which will give them a free pair of Sarah Flint shoes after five new customers make use of the coupon.

Ambassadors are able to attest to the comfort and quality of the shoes. Her content is real and relevant to everyday Sarah Flint shoppers. This allows the brand to grow its Instagram following and increase sales.


5. You can get follow-ups from your loyalty program

Retailers are more and more creating loyalty programs, constantly soliciting shoppers to shop at their company over others. It’s worked well for brands like Sephora or Blume. One method that brands are leveraging upon loyalty programmes is rewarding followers on Instagram.

The luxury retailer Rebecca Minkoff introduced offered RM Rewards, it provided customers the opportunity to earn points simply by being a follower of the brands Instagram page. Brands such as Blume are also recognizing that it is beneficial to reward Instagram users. Members of the program can receive Blume Bucks for becoming a friend on Instagram instead of Facebook and Twitter.


6. Promote your business through your personal Instagram account

Another way of growing your Instagram following is to grow your personal profile. It’s basically making yourself an influencer. Making use of both the company’s account and personal account can boost the recognition of your brand, followers and sales. Tip: You can also use this playbook on TikTok to increase your numbers.

It’s a strategy that is well-suited for fashion brands. In Along with the brand’s Instagram account, the brand’s founder is also driving participation and increases awareness via her personal Instagram account with more than 1 million followers.


Anine invites fans to her design studio. She guides her through the process of designing and gets feedback from the followers throughout the process of creating. Anine is also open about her life experiences and accomplishments, giving fans an insight into the world of their favourite designer’s world.

7. Make sure you are on account features

Instagram’s feature account accounts comprise social media pages that collect the most popular content from a particular field. They’re like those who curate the “best of” photo journals for a particular industry. Certain feature accounts have large following. If you’re able to get a position for the profile, you will bring new Instagram followers to your account.

The feature account has accounts https://techengadget.com/ available for every field including fashion, travel photography, and many more. For instance, it curates exciting travel and lifestyle content from all over the globe to more than 6.1 million users.



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