What Are The Expectation of Student From University?

Globally, employers are struggling to find talent that matches the skills they require. Globally, almost 30% of companies believe they have the digital talent they need, but according to a recent survey, 89% of executives have difficulty finding candidates who possess the right mix of soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Companies aren’t the only ones who don’t get what they want from universities and colleges. In the higher education sector, students are also among the most important stakeholders. Upon graduation, many students are faced with a crossroads.

How Should I Proceed?

What should I do if I want to land my dream graduate job? Do you think I should pursue a master’s degree to advance my academic career? Often, students ask these questions without getting answers. In order to fill the gap, the higher education sector must step up. I have compiled a list of what students want from universities based on conversations with peers, research, and my own experiences.

After Graduating, Students Are Looking For Jobs:

There are very few students today who can afford to attend college despite the fact that it is the natural next step in their education. The career outcomes of college students have become far more important in recent years. Getting a job had a significant impact on students’ decision to attend university, according to a 2016 report. In the midst of an economic crisis and a global pandemic, one can only imagine where that number stands now.

A lack of job opportunities is exacerbating the issue, and students are concerned about how online courses will affect career services. COVID-19 is suspected to be hurting the job market, which is exacerbating the situation. To demonstrate their value, higher education institutions must help students make industry connections and secure employment.

In Addition to Facilitating Internships and Project-Based Learning Through Industry Partnerships,

Colleges need to focus more on preparing students for the workplace. Instead of merely being helpful, career services departments must demonstrate their importance to the job search.

It is likely that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace many jobs in the near future. To prepare students for careers beyond 2025, college decision-makers need to shake up their budgets and invest in new courses and technology.

Students need to see that colleges care about the real world and prepare them for it as well. As a result, universities are also required to explain to students why certain subjects are taught. It is important for students that the teaching and learning they receive is relevant.

Providing the Best Experience For Students:

The student experience is one of the most critical issues universities need to address. Although universities often focus on innovation, research, and industry collaboration, matters that are obvious and important, they tend to overlook the key stakeholders of education. Radical innovation is needed that will provide students with a learning experience they will never forget, a passion for lifelong learning, and transportable knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the technological age. Campuses need to be reinvented as living laboratories to enable students to invent their jobs and contribute to change.

The Student Experience has Already Been Enhanced by Some Universities:

Through online lectures, industry placements, and campus-based development of ideas, students will have the opportunity to learn in more situational settings. A strong entrepreneurship ecosystem is being built at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT), for instance.

Unfortunately, too many universities still use teaching models that haven’t changed in decades. As a result, their teaching methods have not been adjusted to reflect the digital economy. As a result, their teaching methods have not been adjusted to reflect the digital economy.

Student Welfare Should be Recognized:

Our universities should not only teach us workplace skills, but also provide us with positive practices, such as managing emotions, engaging in the workplace, creating positive relationships with others, and finding meaning in life, as well as teaching us about the importance of well-being.

We don’t learn this and struggle unnecessarily through life being unable to manage our work, our family, and our lives. There is a great deal of benefit to be gained from investing more in mental health services.

Personalized Communication That Makes a Difference:

The university communications office is clearly not impressing students with hollow updates, despite students’ appreciation of regular check-ins. The content of university communications with students can be improved to remedy this problem. A department head’s personal communication about projects, opportunities, or campus jobs for an individual class is likely to be more effective than a general update for the entire student body.

University relationships should be different and stronger for students. Often, this relationship ends abruptly after graduation. Students are not sufficiently supported by universities to become lifelong partners and advocates. Our goal is to reimagine the relationship between universities and us. Rather than collecting students’ fees for three or four years, students want a longer-term relationship where universities are more like coaches who are there for them throughout their careers.

A Refresher Course or Other Initiatives Could be Offered Once or Twice a Year to Keep Students Up to Date,

It is not necessary for colleges to cut tuition fees in order to increase enrollment. It is only because they have failed to understand what students want from college that they have failed to deliver what they really want.

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