What Classic Looney Tunes Character Suffers from Rhotacism?

The answer to the question “What Classic Looney Tunes Character Suffers from Rhotacism?” is:

Elmer J. Fudd is one of the most recognizable fictional Looney Tunes characters. And one of Bugs Bunny’s greatest foes. Elmer is one of the series’ primary characters who appear regularly. In addition to Marvin and Yosemite Sam, there are also Marvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam. In contrast to the strong and authoritarian Marvin and the cunning and spiteful Sam, however, Elmer is stupid and unlikely to bring Bugs any damage.

He is one of the least contested sources in the Warner Bros. animated film canon (second only to Bugs himself). His objective is to pursue Bugs, although he often injures himself or any of the other enemies. Elmer speaks in a unique fashion (rhotacism) in which his L’s and R’s are replaced with W’s; for instance, “Watch for the roads, Rabbit” becomes “Watch da woad wabbit!” “What’s Opera, Doc?” by Chuck Jones is one of the most well-known Elmer J. Fudd cartoons. The Rossini comedy “The Barber of Seville” and the “Hunting Trilogy” consisting of “Rabbit Feuer,” “Rabbit Seasoning,” and “Duck! He is a billionaire as well. He lives in a mansion and has a boat.

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