What is HTML? Why it is Used For Web Development?

The markup language, which is often called HTML, is used to make web pages and apps. When Javascript and CSS are added to HTML, the website reaches a new level. The best thing about HTML is that it lets you use programmes like JavaScript. A web developer makes a website or set of web pages that work for an app or online business. To make these websites, you need to know a little bit about coding and markup languages.

HTML is useful because it is a key part of building, designing, and promoting a website. HTML tags are used to add everything you see on a website, from the content to explicit images, videos, audio, or text. It creates a complete website that can be easily read by the web browser and shown to the audience. Need more information about HTML? Read the whole blog to find out what the experts from the assignment writing company that writes assignments have to say.

What’s HTML?

Tim Berners-Lee created HTML (HyperText Markup Language) in 1991 as HTML Tags. Since then, it has been changed in limited ways. HTML5 is the one we use right now. It is a type of programming language that helps the web browser figure out what the page is about. It makes the content look lively and easy to understand. HTML comes from the branch of Extensible Markup Language that tells the browser how to show the text in a document. Because it is easy to build, it has made the internet very popular today. Through HTML, we can now share a lot of web documents over the internet.Know about Public Storm Warning #1 Signal


HTML is a simple language that is used to make web pages. It is easy to run on different browsers and platforms at the same time, like desktop computers, laptops, Android, and old mobile phones. When combined with other programming languages like JavaScript and CSS, it can be used to make a small and useful website app. Also, HTML can store enough information. It lets web developers store a lot of information on a website, even though “cookies” limit the amount of information that can be stored. Service Workers, Indexdb, and the Cache API help a web application work well even when the internet connection isn’t stable.

Why is it used for building websites?

HTML is the core of every website, and you can’t build a website without it. You need to make an HTML page or document, which is also called an HTML code. The code gives the web page or site a framework that lets the elements or the whole page’s content grow, move, get better, and be changed. Every part of an HTML document is an HTML element.

It makes everything from the headings to the whole content on and off the page. Every element has a start tag, like html>, and an end tag, like /html>. This element holds the body> element, which holds the content’s text, such as headings (h1>) and paragraphs (p>).

Attributes are things outside of the web page that we can’t see in the content. These are extra pieces of information that are always listed in the opening tags. They make it possible to upload or include an image or video in more than one place on a page. When put together, these HTML elements make up an HTML document or page. So, the content shows up on a web page that a web developer made.

Add the following things to a web page

Media Files 

Your content will be more interesting and detailed if it has pictures or videos. With HTML attributes, their position, size, and other ideas can be changed. When an image or video on a web page doesn’t load, alt text helps describe it in words.


Text is what you see when you look at a web page. They divide the text into paragraphs and are made up of headings and subheadings. With HTML elements, they can also change where the text is, how big it is, what style it is, what colour it is, and what font it is.

Links are what make up a web page. These links take you to the documents being talked about. Hyperlinks in a document made with HTML can be in the form of a link, text, or an image. You can also use them in relative URLs.


HTML can also help with meta descriptions. A brief peek at what is inside a web page For example, Google articles have a title and a short description that make us want to click on them and read them. It also optimises your content, making it easy to find and giving you options to make it fit your tastes. Lastly, HTML helps you find what you’re looking for by making it easy to navigate your search results.

With the help of CSS and JavaScript, HTML also helps web developers make new and popular 2D and 3D games with the canvas element.


Now that you know how HTML works and why it’s needed to make websites and webpages and market them, you can start using it. You should also know that learning the basics of CSS and JavaScript is just as important as learning HTML if you want to build a better website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be learned through paid or free online courses, programming language books, and videos on YouTube.


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