What is touch screen pos systems?

Improve your retail operations with cutting-edge software that efficiently tracks sales, inventory, and customer information. Our advanced retail software goes beyond the basics, offering features like purchasing, employee and commission management, and centralized pricing control for multiple store locations. Our state-of-the-art POS systems are available in various deployment models, with touch screen being a popular option. With an intuitive touch-sensitive interface, the keyboard becomes an eliminated or secondary hardware component, allowing for seamless and effortless use of the software.

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About Scalefusion

Take control of your corporate devices with Scalefusion, the ultimate solution for managing content in lockdown kiosk mode. Our comprehensive features include wireless internet access, usage reporting, secure browsing, onsite printing, digital signature, and touch screen support, all designed to enhance your business operations.

Ideal for businesses of any size, Scalefusion’s Kiosk Browser provides flexible application management options while restricting customers’ access to specific websites. The browser lockdown module enables enterprises to whitelist websites, remotely clear caches, and manage user access to device peripherals such as audio, camera, Bluetooth, and airplane mode. Moreover, our digital signage application offers multiple presentation tools like landscape, loop, time interval, and file format management to make content management easier than ever.

Discover the Versatility of Scalefusion: Deploy On-Premise or Host in the Cloud! Choose from Monthly Subscription Options and Access Comprehensive Support via Documentation, Phone, Email, and Online Help Desk.

About One Tap Check-In

Discover OneTap, the cutting-edge attendance tracking software trusted by event organizers, gyms, martial arts studios, yoga studios, schools, universities, and nonprofits worldwide. Our digital check-in app streamlines your attendance process using multiple devices, featuring a self-check-in link, personalized kiosk, surveys, photos, QR passes, and signatures.

With OneTap, checking in and out attendees is a breeze, while keeping track of attendance and building a comprehensive customer/client/visitor database. Invite team members, import and export Excel files, generate detailed reports, and set up alerts with ease.

About Lavu POS

Discover Lavu: The Ultimate Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs. Lavu’s versatile software caters to various businesses, from full-service restaurants, quick-service joints, and franchise establishments to coffee shops, food trucks, and lounges. With Lavu, users can pick from three interfaces – bar, restaurant, or quick-service – specifically tailored to the corresponding environment. The platform’s customizable features, including unlimited menu modifiers, custom menu item icons, and layout, enable businesses to personalize their system to fit their unique brand. Lavu also facilitates tableside ordering, supports take-out and delivery routing, and integrates with Loyaltree for rewards and loyalty programs, as well as an in-house program. Elevate your business’s point of sale experience with Lavu today.

Streamline Your Business Operations with Lavu’s Comprehensive POS Solution. Take advantage of Lavu’s inventory management tools, such as low-count warnings and an ’86 countdown, in addition to its top-of-the-line POS system. Optimize employee management with features like shift-trading, scheduling, and payroll reporting. Lavu also provides extensive sales, inventory, and expense reports, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. With a global presence in 89 countries, Lavu is fully customizable and can be translated into any language. Revolutionize your business today with Lavu’s all-in-one POS solution.

About Retail Express

Looking for a top-notch cloud-based retail POS software solution? Look no further than Retail Express! With cutting-edge, enterprise-level integrations and features that are second to none, this powerful platform is the perfect choice for single-store, multi-store (with anywhere from one to 100+ locations), and enterprise retailers alike. And with competitive pricing that won’t break the bank, Retail Express is the smart choice for savvy retailers who demand the best.

Retail Express has been a leading solution for Australian and New Zealand retailers since its inception in 2004. Our platform has helped numerous businesses streamline their operations by seamlessly integrating their online and physical stores, automating manual processes, and boosting productivity and profits. With Retail Express, retailers can expand their customer base, enhance the overall customer experience, and rapidly scale their business. Join the thousands of satisfied retailers who have already experienced the benefits of Retail Express.

Retail Express is the top choice for a diverse range of retail industries, such as furniture, fashion, footwear, pet stores, homewares, sports and outdoors, nutrition, discount variety, toys and hobbies, rural supplies, and workwear. Trust Retail Express to meet the specific needs of your retail business and enhance your online presence with our cutting-edge solutions.

About Lightspeed Retail

Experience seamless retail operations with Lightspeed Retail, a cloud-based POS solution designed for businesses in the apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods, and home decor industries. Our innovative solution empowers retailers with inventory management, retail store management, cash drawer control, payment processing, purchase order management, customer profile access, accounting software integration, and POS hardware integration capabilities such as barcode scanners and receipt printers. With Lightspeed’s fully integrated eCommerce platform, retailers can streamline in-store and online inventory management, obtain a unified view of customers, and gain valuable insights from multi-channel sales data analysis.

Unlock the full potential of your retail business with Lightspeed Retail’s multi-store capabilities, including inventory synchronization across all locations. With mobile extensions, associates can access inventory and process sales from anywhere in the store using their iPads. Our innovative retail POS solution also offers advanced inventory management tools, empowering users to easily create, track, and assign serial numbers to products, as well as create product variations based on size, color, and material using our intuitive matrix system. Additionally, Lightspeed Retail provides valuable customer service features, such as customer profiles, sales history logs, and customer insights, to help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

Experience hassle-free retail management with Lightspeed’s monthly subscription-based software, which includes personalized onboarding and 24/7 support. With the Lightspeed Retail POS iPad app, businesses can easily set up an iPad POS system within their retail store, enabling them to process payments, accept returns, apply discounts, and even accept gift card payments. Plus, our app can be used in offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted operations even during internet outages.

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