Why Should Buy Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server in Netherlands?


Have tried many web hosts but couldn’t find affordable and reliable dedicated server services?

Here, get Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands services from Hostbillo which is a reliable web host and provides an affordable price range for business owners. With this new and advanced technology era, business owners want a strong and powerful server that helps their businesses to grow. That’s why hostbillo brings its dedicated service that is trustworthy and flexible and delivers a seamless performance to your business website. So, here in this guide, you will gonna know about Hostbillo and its dedicated server hosting services in Netherlands. Thus, let’s start the piece.

Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Hostbillo is a web hosting solution company that delivers hyper-scale and high-grade hosting facilities all around the world. It is well renowned as the fastest evolving and most influential web hosting company. The company’s agenda is to deliver high-quality services to its clients and customers at highly competitive prices. Also, if you are looking for dedicated server services then the host provides affordable services with the best customer support.

Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands services are the ones that you should consider for your online businesses. These plans deliver reliable, flexible, fastest speed, and great performance to the website that increases the growth of your website. So, let’s get further and know what features Hostbillo’s dedicated servers include.

Features of Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Netherlands

Customization and Configuration

You can set your own configuration for the website with some modifications as per your requirements. This is the best feature as it helps you build your site as per your business model and requirement while giving admin access to you. It is an important feature to determine the speed, security, and performance capacity of your website. And Hostbillo provides these features to you with its Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans.

Operating System Choices

Hostbillo gives you two choices to operate your server on Linux and Windows operating systems. Both operating systems work fine and it’s your choice which one will be more feasible for your needs. However, Linux is the more reliable and affordable operating system that delivers an open-source platform that opens up thousands of new opportunities for your website. So, you have the choice to choose the operating system when buying Dedicated Server Netherlands services.

Rich Security

Security is one of the main factors that people go for dedicated servers. Other web hosting types like VPS and shared do not provide the level of security that a dedicated server delivers. VPS is a good hosting but when you have millions of traffic sites, it fails to keep up with the network and resources. There is a limitation of the resources in VPS that leads you bound with the hosting. But Netherlands Dedicated Server provides you with advanced security measures that help to secure sensitive information data.

Bandwidth and Storage

Hostbillo provides maximum storage and bandwidth with its Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans. You will get an SSD storage option that is more advanced than traditional HHD disk storage. Also, the amount of bandwidth you get with the plans is more than enough for your high-traffic website but still, if you need more then you can upgrade the limits at a low price.

Acronis Backup Solution

Hostbillo now provides Acronis backup solutions with its Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands services. You can weekly backup your site data without much taking time. This is the best backup, disaster recovery, and data protection solution. So, you can collect your sensitive information with much better protection.

Root Access

As the owner of Netherlands Dedicated Hosting, you get access to the whole server which lets you modify the server settings as per your flexibility. Also, you can surveillance all the ongoing activities that are being done in the server space. The root access to the web space will allow you to install many web applications without any delay.

Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands Plans and Packages

Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands plans start from $61 per month to $290 per month. These plans include all the compulsory features that one needs for their business. Also, you get 24*7 technical support from its experts that solves your queries within time. The plan also delivers 4 layer-based security measures with two excellent operating system choices. So, now you can grab any plan and package from its wide range list. It’s a Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands Plans are as follows-

Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands Plans and Packages


So, after reading this guide we hope that all the questions that may have in your mind regarding Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands are solved now. Because the number of server resources and features the host offers with its services is incredible and unmatchable. Also, you get a 99.90% network uptime guarantee on the server which saves your site from downfall crashes. It helps you grow your site performance and provide it with better stability.


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