With Microsoft Paint you can merge two images into one

The robust built-in Windows utility, Paint, is often disregarded in favour of more specialised editing tools like Paint. Three of the most popular picture editing apps are Net, Gimp, and Photoshop. However, this little image editor has a few simple photo-editing tricks up its sleeve that have kept it useful on every iteration of Microsoft Windows since 1.0. On the other side, programmes like Explorer and Windows Media Player are becoming obsolete.

Maybe you’ve ever wished to combine two or more photographs into one for comparison purposes, or perhaps to combine your current image with an idealised version of who you aspire to be. Who are we to criticise when that is possibly the closest thing you’ll ever get to finding your true mate? Photoshop will undoubtedly allow you to accomplish it. Photoshop is not used by everyone, and those that do would not have started reading this essay in the first place. The conversation is over now.

The process of merging two images

Step 1

Choose “Open with” from the menu after finding the photos you want to combine and right-clicking on one of them. Pick Paint from the list of options. It is almost inevitable that you will need to adjust one or both of your images to a more manageable and comparable size. Merging a 50 KB image with a 1 MB image may not work out as well as you’d want it to appear side by side, unless you want to merge it on top of the bigger picture.

Images may be resized using percentages or pixels. In any scenario, the outcome is the same. Try to match the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the images to make the subsequent merging process easier.

Step 2

Drag the little square box shown in the picture below to enlarge your backdrop. By doing this, you’ll be able to insert the second picture you wish to combine beside the first image you’ve chosen.

Step 3

In the menu bar, choose “Paste” by clicking the drop-down arrow. Paste your second picture there after selecting “Paste from.” On top of the first picture will be shown the second. Drag it to the blank place you just made.

Step 4

Overlap the second and first images. It can seem a bit off. Trim away the uneven backdrop and additional space by using the Selection tool.

Step 5

Save the newly combined photographs by choosing the “Save as” option in the menu bar on the far left.

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