What is xResolver?

xResolver is an online service that can record the IP addresses of PlayStation and Xbox gamers’ tags of pc players. To preserve the username from hackers Xbox is designed and also it is used to convert gamers’ tags and usernames into IP addresses. To perform these functions xresolver consists of an Xbox resolver that scraps data with the help of boots. The username of the Xbox player, ISP address, and IP address are included in this data.

As is discussed publicly available data about the IP addresses and their association with the Gamer tags is stored by the resolver. This type of data is publicly available. And it is not illegal to share it with the website. If anyone is interested in your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile and associated IP address then it might be a hacker. A person may not have a good aim if he wants to match the IP address with your profile.

Features of x Resolver

The feature of xresolver is as follows.

Identification of Geo Location

One of the most interesting features of xresolver is that it let you know the location of your opponent. You can do it because of its IP lookup service. While regarding the IP address of the player it is one of the most important data.

IP Logger

From xresolver, you can make links of your own choices and by selling these links to people you can take hold of their IP addresses. The reason for doing is this that it helps you to know about their link browsers and location.

Gamer tag Resolver and PSN username

It was great news for the Xbox as well as PlayStation users that xResolver comes with a great set of features and functionality. The present set of tools makes it easy to take information regarding the IP address. You don’t need to look for bots on the internet for exploring gamer tags and usernames because the presence of artificial intelligence in it makes things very easier.

Function and Interface

The functionality and working process are easier and you can also know about the IP Address of your opponent and also can find the gamer tag.

Blacklisting of Personal IP Address

If you want to hide your data and IP address from your opponents then you have to purchase blacklisting. It is the most incredible feature of xresolver.

There are some alternatives to x resolver let us talk about them.

1. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a free PSN resolver or Xbox resolver plus a gamer tag IP puller. It sniffs and pulls IP addresses from PSN and Xbox live gaming sessions. Also, helps you easily resolve the Gamer tag of your opponents to IP addresses.

2. Octo Sniff

It lets you optimize your gaming connection and it is an IP sniffer. It has a large number of exciting features like easy installation, etc. There is no malware in it. It is easy for you to learn to access it because of its user-friendly interface.

3. Xbox BOOTER

It is good news for gamers who use the Xbox console because Xbox BOOTER offers the ultimate IP grabber, IP BOOTER, and IP puller. The solid layer 4 and layer 7 of IP BOOTER attack boot gamers offline. You can smell and attract IPs from the Xbox console through the IP attracter of the Xbox BOOTER. The IP grabber is the best feature of it.

4. Console Sniffer

It works for all the consoles and it is a network research and monitor tool. The people you are fighting within the gameplay let you see the IP address and username of that people. WIFI connection or wireless connection works with it. Control sniffer has a simple setup that does not need cable it simply needs VPN to operate. You can easily download and play it but for doing this you have to purchase it.

5. Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding offers LANC, PCPS, and more Xbox tools and it is also the Xbox live data search database. It gives you services of seven different locations of VPN and not only this it also explore Xbox grammar data.

6. Cakes

Cakes let you pull the XUID using the gamer tag of your opponent’s Xbox XUID grabber. You just have to enter the gamer tag of a player with this. The two options, which are Hexadecimal and decimal, select the format from these two options. It will come up with the XUID associated with the gamer tag when you click on the resolve button.


You can also try some alternatives of Xbox resolver but before trying you should see the type of security which is given them. This kind of defense helps you to stay far from the dark sides of an xresolver.

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